Concert Joining All 70 Nations to Praise God on Anniversary of Creation of the World

June 19, 2018

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The nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center has announced a special concert to be held in Jerusalem, gathering voices from around the world to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the world.

The concert will be held in the evening of September 3, at the Jerusalem Archaeological Park – Davidson Center and the Hulda gates adjacent to the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem. This falls one day before the 25th of the Hebrew month of Elul, the 5778th anniversary of the creation of the world according to Jewish tradition.

The concert’s central theme will be participation via internet by communities from around the world. Spokesman for the Sanhedrin, Rabbi Hillel Weiss, said that the organization, the biblically mandated court of 71 elders, called on people from every race and nation to take part in this event.

“The focus of the event is for all of creation, including the stars, angels, seraphim, animals, and all of mankind to praise their Creator,” Rabbi Weiss said to Breaking Israel News. “The world, in fact, all of Creation is in danger of annihilation due to the current reality of war technology and the volatile geo-political situation. Therefore, aside from giving praise and thanksgiving to our Creator, the concert will include a plea for forgiveness and a request from the Creator of the world for a beneficial fulfillment of all prophecies at this time.”

Rabbi Weiss emphasized that it was fitting that such an event should be held adjacent to the Temple Mount which, according to Midrash (homiletic teaching) was the place where creation began.

“As the focus of creation of the world, the Temple should be a House of Prayer for all nations,” Rabbi Weiss said, citing the prophecy in Isaiah.

I will bring them to My sacred mount And let them rejoice in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices Shall be welcome on My mizbayach; For My House shall be called A house of prayer for all peoples.” Isaiah 56:7

Rabbi Weiss explained that the event is intended to be a sign of repentance, a return to holiness and purity. The music will include sections of prayer related to the seven days of creation and their connection to the Temple, the Selichot (repentance) period, Rosh Hashana (New Year), and Yom Kippur.

The concert will conform to religious Orthodox laws and will have a separation between women and men but there will also be an area for mixed seating. There will be seating for approximately 4,000 people.

Conductor and international impresario Dr. Mordechai Sobol will prepare the music for the concert. It will include his special musical arrangements and two original pieces. The music will be performed by the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra made up of 40 musicians, accompanied by choirs. Featured vocal soloists will be the IDF’s Chief Cantor Lt. Col. Shai Abramson, Lior Elmaliach, Cantor Zvi Weiss, Roi Yedid, and the featured virtuoso violinist will be Gabriel Shuraki. Ophir Sobol will be the artistic director.

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