The Boomerang Effect of Anti-Israel Lies

May 31, 2018

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When the “massacre” lie appears in the first act, the United Nations Human Rights Council will appear in the third act, to help Hamas.

The UNHRC, as we all know, has an automatic majority of unenlightened anti-Israel countries. Even if all European countries had voted against the new commission of inquiry, whose conclusions we already know, the resolution would have been adopted.

The thing is that the representatives of the unenlightened countries are not alone. The “enlightened” are providing them with ammunition. “How long after this week’s Gaza massacre are we going to continue pretending that the Palestinians are non-people?” asked Robert Fisk, the Middle East correspondent of The Independent.

With Fisk, it’s already a tradition. When the Palestinians fired rockets, he was there to explain that they are simply reminding the world that they were expelled by Israel. If we adopt his logic, Ukrainians should fire rockets at Poland, because that’s where they were expelled from. And Germans should fire rockets at the Czech Republic, because they were expelled. And Finns should fire rockets at Russia, because they were expelled. And Greeks should fire rockets at Turkey, because they were expelled. And Turks should fire rockets at Greece, because they were expelled.

We can go on. The list is long. And we have yet to mention the Jews, who according to Fisk’s logic were not only supposed to fire rockets at Germany but also to wipe it off the face of the earth in acts of retaliation. Interestingly enough, nothing happened. And had it happened, no one would justify it.

But the Arabs are allowed to do it. They attacked the newly established Jewish state with a declared goal to destroy it, violating the UN resolution. Their plot failed. Some of them, it should be mentioned, have gotten over the annihilation aspirations. But the different Hamasniks are openly declaring that their goal is to destroy the State of Israel. And they, of all people, have regiments of Fisks, including Jews and Israelis, to provide them with justifications.

There are countless journalists and academics who are repeating the same lie, that Israel is the result of a crime and that it keeps committing crimes nonstop. The most poisonous propaganda campaign belongs, as always, to Al-Jazeera. I don’t think five minutes passed in the past week without the word “massacre” being uttered. The different Fisks, in the media and in the academia and in politics, are legitimizing the incitement campaign.

This incitement campaign is a boomerang. Israel is the target, but the incitement leads to a radicalization of the Muslim communities across Europe. Because when there is a consensus among Muslims in the continent that Israel committed a massacre in Gaza last week, the obvious result is that they’re allowed to respond with a massacre. There’s no need for thousands to respond. A few individuals are enough. The sympathetic atmosphere is already there. So every media manipulations turning Israel into a criminal adds supporters to the Salafi groups that already exist in Europe.

Only several days ago, a report emerged that a neighborhood in the La Verrière commune in France was turning into a Salafist stronghold. Occasionally, the French take a firm hand and expel imams engaged in incitement. But when certain neighborhoods include a “religion police,” which is stronger than the security forces, the next terror attack is only a matter of time. The perpetrators of the attacks, against Jews or against a country in Europe, will cry out that it’s in retaliation for Israel’s crimes. Of course it is. They believe in this lie with all their heart. They have been brainwashed by the Fisks and Al-Jazeera.

Sometimes, it should be mentioned, Israeli groups add fuel to the fire of hatred. Hamas has already admitted that 50 of the Palestinians who were killed were Hamas operatives, and Islamic Jihad admits it has three shahidim on the list. But that won’t help. The “massacre” claims have become a consensus in progressive circles, in Israel and worldwide.

This includes the New York Times’ main headline, “Israeli forces kill dozens in Gaza,” with a shocking image of bodies. Every human being who isn’t familiar with the facts would rage over what seems like crimes against humanity. This isn’t another lie, because most journalists covering this topic know Hamas is sending its people to the fence. They know this isn’t an innocent civilian protest. But they are insisting on providing their share of incitement. They and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are one and the same. It makes them, in their own eyes, enlightened.

The result will be another rise in the level of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, hatred and terror. And when blood is shed, and it will be shed, the Fisks will keep going. In the preliminary stage, they presented Israel as a monster committing atrocities. And when terror strikes in the West again, they will explain that we must understand those raging about the atrocities.

Reprinted with author’s permission from YNet

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