Pity the Poor Gazans

May 22, 2018

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The mass media is doing its best to tell everyone that Gaza is just about the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world, due – of course – to Israel making it an “open air prison.” (Yet Gaza also borders Egypt, a fellow Arab country, which has equally stringent border controls.)

Unfortunately, there are those in Israel, even the IDF military generals, who are deluded about how Israel can change the situation in Gaza by “humanitarian” measures, which primarily aid Gaza’s Jew-hating rulers, not its people. Not only would this be a waste of money, it would reduce the economic burden Hamas faces, freeing up more funds for further terrorist attacks.

This mistaken idea for Israel to provide succor to Gaza won’t help the Gazans, but would allow the IDF chief of staff to kick this explosive “can” down the road to the next IDF leader, just as his predecessors have done.

2/7/18: “IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot gave credence to the stories [rumors of the IDF “helping” Gaza] this week when he told the cabinet that Israel could face another war with Hamas in Gaza as a result of the deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions in the coastal enclave

Eisenkot cited the lack of electricity, drinkable water, and food in the Gaza Strip, and advocated stepping up aid to the territory.” Worldisraelnews.com

Watch the following video to understand that Gaza’s ruling class is being enriched from all the aid it already receives from the UN, EU, USA and other countries, organizations, and individuals.


Yes, there is suffering in Gaza but it doesn’t matter to Hamas and other Islamist groups: “The suffering of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, however, is apparently of no concern to Hamas.” (Gatestone institute.org)

The uncomfortable fact is that liberals push for Israeli aid to Gazans who are deprived of necessities by Hamas so it can have more money to kill Jews… who will then give more aid intended for the poor Gazans, enabling Hamas to devote more funds to kill Jews… and so on….

Outcome: Israel devastates Gaza in self defense, only to rehabilitate it and continue the cycle. This is a story worthy of the elders of Chelm! Only misguided Israeli leaders (definitely not the majority of Israelis) would proffer such a “solution” to Gaza’s problems when its rulers, the Islamist Hamas party, enriches itself while spending most of the aid on arms and tunnels to try to destroy Israel.

This farce was obvious after experiencing recent history at the excellent, small but extremely affecting museum experience at Nitzan: the Story of Gush Katif (the 21 Jewish communities established in Gaza after the 1967 Six Day War). The presentation started with the history of the region, the establishment and eventual destruction of thriving communities, and the (mostly unmet) challenges to rebuild the communities inside the 1949 Armistice lines.

What we experienced during the presentation was a personal encounter with the human story behind historical events. This is because the museum guides are former residents of Gush Katif, who integrate their own personal, true-to-life stories with the excruciating facts of how Jews built their lives in the communities there with the aid and blessing of Israel’s government.

Then, as perhaps only Jews would do, these 21 beautiful and productive communities were uprooted and destroyed in the vain hope that our enemies would recognize Israel’s sacrifice and build a peaceful society of their own. Israel even went so far as to leave the incredibly successful greenhouses in place. They were destroyed almost immediately. (Nitzan Visitor Center – mkatif.org)

Predictably, it was all in vain and Israel’s “reward” for its humanitarian gesture was a huge increase in rocket attacks into Israel, the establishment of an Islamist government intent on destroying Israel, and the subsequent vilification by the world for defending ourselves.

Yet, despite all of the above, there are still informed voices calling for Israel to aid Gaza: “…although Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas would be much more responsible for the [Gaza’s humanitarian] crisis, the world would certainly blame Israel. It thus seems that Israel should promote aid that helps alleviate the crisis in Gaza, despite the fact that this would do very little, if anything, to improve the situation there, since Hamas absolutely prioritizes the building up of its military power over finding a solution to the humanitarian crisis.”

https://jiss.org.il/en/amidror-when-will-the-next-war-begin/ Major General (retired) Yaacov Amidror

Those who cry out for Israel to support the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria must reflect on Israel’s stupendous mistake in Gush Katif, barely a decade ago, and “harden their hearts” against those would eradicate Israel, as they eradicated Nitzan and the other 20 thriving Jewish communities in Gaza. Reducing Hamas’s economic burden furthers its jihadist mission to destroy Israel.

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