Lag B’Omer in Torah Codes: ‘The Day of Messiah’

May 3, 2018

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According to Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Torah codes expert, the holiday of Lag B’Omer celebrated on Thursday is a portal that could bring either the great light of Moshiach (the Messiah) or the great darkness of an end-of days war with Iran. The rabbi also explains the simple keys to determining which it will be.

Rabbi Glazerson, an acknowledged expert in Bible codes, determined that this year, Lag B’Omer will be the beginning of the final redemption.

“Lag B’Omer is an opening that can bring in great light or great darkness,” the rabbi said, noting that the Six Day War came less than one week after Lag B‘Omer in 1967.

The war began with an all-or-nothing airstrike which committed all of Israel’s warplanes in a surprise attack against the Egyptian air-force. Had the attack failed, Israel would have been unprotected, vulnerable to any counter-strike. The airstrike was successful beyond all expectations and the war resulted in the Nation of Israel being reunited with the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Glazerson explained that in the same manner, this Lag B’Omer could usher in a positive geula (redemption) should am yisrael (the nation of Israel) choose to do tshuva (repentance), or, alternatively, our sins would be purged through great suffering.

Lag B’Omer is not normally understood in this end-of-days perspective. It is a minor holiday celebrated on the 33rd day of the Omer, the 49-day period beginning the second night after Passover when a barley wave offering was presented in the Temple, and culminating in the holiday of Shavuot when an offering of two loaves of wheat bread were brought in the Temple. Jews are commanded to orally count the days in this period.

And from the day on which you bring the sheaf of elevation offering—the day after the Shabbat—you shall count off seven weeks. They must be complete. You must count until the day after the seventh week—fifty days; then you shall bring an offering of new grain to Hashem. Leviticus 23:14-15

Lag’ is spelled by the two Hebrew letters lamed and gimel,  which in gematria (Hebrew numerology) equal 33 together.

The period of the Omer is generally a period of lessened joy when weddings and other celebrations are forbidden. Lag B’Omer, however, is a spark of joy in that period of diminished light. Ironically, it is a celebration commemorating the death of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Jewish sage from the second century, known by the acronym Rashbi and who, according to tradition, wrote the Zohar, the basis of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). Normally, the passing of tzaddikim (holy men) is a source of sadness but, before passing away, the Rashbi instructed his students to remember his passing as a day of joy.

Using a special computer program to search for series of letters in the Bible in order to extract hidden meanings, Rabbi Glazerson searched for the words ‘Lag B’Omer,’ and found them in the Book of Exodus.

In a video released last week, the rabbi showed how he found the the words ‘Lag B’Omer’ interconnected with the letters yud (י)and chet (ח) leading into the word Iyar (אייר). This is the date, the 18th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar, the date that Lag B’Omer falls on this year. Also included in this grouping of codes are the letters tav, shin, ayin, chet, which designate this year on the Hebrew calendar, 5778.

Most remarkably, the code for the 18th of Iyar appears as a continuation of the word, Moshiach (Messiah). This is adjacent to the acronym, “Rashbi” which is surrounded by the words “Kabbalah,” “Zohar,” and “Meron” (the mountain location of the Rashbi’s tomb). Also appearing  on the graph was a repetition of the word Moshiach.

“We have twice ‘messiah,’” Rabbi Glazerson said. “It could be because it is the Son of Joseph and the Son of David.”

The rabbi was referring to the Jewish tradition that the final redemption will come as the result of a two-stage process: first by the Messiah from the House of Joseph which is a natural and revealed process of settling the land of Israel, and ultimately by the Messiah from the House of David which will be a miraculous, supernatural process culminating in the Third Temple.

In the video, Rabbi Glazerson pointed out that all these codes surrounded the verse commanding Israel to keep the Sabbath.

You shall keep the Shabbat, for it is holy for you. He who profanes it shall be put to death: whoever does work on it, that person shall be cut off from among his kin.Exodus 31:14

“In order to bring the Messiah, we need to keep the Sabbath,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “The Jews were commanded to keep the Sabbath for all generations and at the end, we will have Messiah.”

The rabbi then noted another verse surrounded by these hints at Messiah.

Now then, if you will obey Me faithfully and keep My covenant, you shall be My treasured possession among all the peoples. Indeed, all the earth is Mine. But you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you shall speak to the children of Yisrael.” Exodus 19:5-6

Rabbi Glazerson noted that the covenant between God and Israel was expressed through the Torah, the Sabbath, and relations between men and women. The rabbi stated that if the Jews exemplified these three things then the second verse concerning Israel’s role as a holy nation will surely come to pass.

“This is what the Jews really should be: a holy nation showing the light to the whole world,” Rabbi Glazerson said, noting what is preventing this from coming to fruition.

“Instead, Jews are stubborn, the rabbi said, citing another verse from Exodus.

Hashem further said to Moshe, “I see that this is a stiffnecked people. Exodus 32:9

”Jews want to carry on during the Shabbat (Sabbath), mixing men and women together which is very much against the Torah,”’ Rabbi Glazerson said. “This brings [God’s] anger to the world.”

“This needs to be rectified,” the rabbi said. “But the Satan is very strong and he wants to stop the Messiah from coming.”

“I hope that people understand, if there is no change this Lag B’Omer, who knows what will develop,” Rabbi Glazerson said. “War is clearly indicated with Iran. Let’s hope this [Torah Code] will change people and it won’t be necessary that the repentance will be the result of the great threat of Iran.”


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