70 Years Later – Will You Build My House?

February 1, 2018

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“…This people say, The time is not come, the time that the LORD’S house should be built.” [Haggai 1:2]

In just a few months the 70th anniversary of one of the modern era’s greatest biblical miracles will be commemorated. On May 14, 1948, God declared to the world that now was the time that His Word and promises would once again be proven true. His chosen people were restored to the land that He gave them. Return and multiply they did! From a mere 600,000 in 1948 to over 6 million today.

They have done remarkably in building their nation. Israel’s economy is rated at A+, one of the best in the world; her military, considered the most advanced in the Middle East; Israeli scientists and engineers excel in technology and medicine. But these are mere shadows or fractions of the blessings of God that await her and the rest of the world, once her full spiritual restoration is realized.

In this, we must recognize that the very purpose of Israel’s existence is spiritual. They were entrusted with something exclusive – the receiving of His Word at Sinai and of being the only people among whom a Tabernacle for the very Shekinah presence of God on earth would dwell.

Sadly, it is in terms of realizing their full spiritual restoration that Israel is woefully and shamefully lacking. How hauntingly true the words of Haggai are today.

It is as if the majority of individual Israeli’s today are more focused on the “paneled houses” of each one’s own success and prosperity. A truth that is also reflected in the larger, more encompassing National “house” of Israel as many Israeli MK’s in the Knesset pursue international influence and appeasement; superior military; new highways and trains – at the expense of leaving the Beit HaMikdash woefully and pathetically forsaken. This is, in fact, the very root cause of innocent Jewish blood being shed in Israel, and even more encompassing – what is hindering an era of unprecedented peace and blessing for the entire world.

Ironically, all this is taking place while support for Israel from Christians around the world continues to reach record levels…except in or for the one place where our spiritual destinies converge. Are Christians somehow absolved of any responsibility to pray and support Israel’s complete spiritual restoration – because we are not Jewish? Isn’t this also our responsibility in respect to God and His covenants?

There are many Christian organizations, churches, and individuals that support a myriad of “projects” in Israel, but neglect or fail to even address or support the restoration of the all-important spiritual house of the Temple. So why then are Christians so “hypocritical” about this? Failing to acknowledge and support Israel attaining her full spiritual restoration is actually the most acute form of anti-Semitism imaginable. How wrong it is for Christians to “boast” [Rom 11:18] against the “branch” from which we received our “life-stream” and blessing!

It was unequivocally stated by God Himself in Exodus 25:8 And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them.” In the Jewish Sifri this is recorded as one of the three essential commands and is also the 20th of the 613 Jewish mitzvahs for Israel upon entering the Promised land. This is a binding, non-expiring, timeless requirement incumbent upon every Jewish man and woman.

This restoration was, of course, impossible as long as the diaspora was scattered. But they have returned 70 years ago! The legal right to the Temple Mount was fairly obtained in the victory of the 1967 War. If there ever was a time for this incredibly important Mitzvot to be fulfilled, it is NOW – 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem and especially as with the approaching end of another 70 years of being held “hostage” to a failed Peace process and irrelevant world opinion.

If the majority of Israeli’s can’t seem to get behind or focus on their God-given command to rebuild the House of prayer for ALL nations, then let us Christians at least do our part in honouring God and fulfilling our love-debt in gratefulness both to Him and His chosen people. How? By supporting the spiritual minority in Israel who at least are trying!

Please join me and others who stand with and support those in Israel who are seeking revival – instead of revenge. Let us help our brothers fulfill these important Mitzvot and see the fulfillment of; “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former…” [Haggai 2:9]

For more information visit;  www.christiansfortemple.org

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