Christians For The Temple

November 29, 2017

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Christians for the Temple? Should there really be such a thing?

The Bible says that in the last days, Jews would return to the land, and the land would flourish. Vineyards would grow and children would play in the streets. He will even make the name of Israel a praise among all the people of the earth.[1]

We are witnessing this modern day miracle confirming the promises of God. The rebirth of Israel in 1948 after 2,000 years of a scattered diaspora – is the turning point in God’s plan of redemption for the world.

In the 70 years since Israel has flourished in almost every imaginable way – except for one essential component that is glaringly absent from the Israeli landscape. There is one building that epitomizes Israel as chosen by God for His special Am Segeulah[2], a treasure out of all peoples. The defining characteristic is the spiritual presence that inhabits the Temple on the Temple Mount.

Though Jews in Israel can freely pray and study Torah in Synagogues throughout the country, this is by no means a replacement for the Temple. Consequently, Israel’s restoration is incomplete and with that, so is the final chapter of God’s redemption as the Temple being a House of Prayer for ALL nations![3]

So what does this have to do with Christians? Is this even their concern? Absolutely! Many prophecies relating to the Messiah are contingent upon the rebuilding of the Temple[4]. Without it, Israel is not the fully restored nation God called and intends them to be. Their full restoration is completely dependent upon the third Temple being rebuilt and is an essential prerequisite of God’s plan of redemption for all mankind! The third Temple is where God’s final plan of redemption for both Jew and Christian converges.

The Apostle Paul too spoke of the importance of Israel’s restoration.[5] Why then, have Christians been ignorant concerning the grave importance of Israel’s complete restoration? Because of the false teaching of replacement theology. This has blinded Christians through the ages from being able to understand the absolute necessity of Israel’s promised restoration.

Now is the time for Christians across the globe to focus on the commonality of our faith and expectation of the coming Messiah. We must dispel with the centuries and millenniums of mistrust, animosity and even hatred that the “church” acted out and taught against Jews.

This is the dawn of a new era wherein Christians must acknowledge and focus on the simple truth that God does indeed have a plan for Israel, His chosen people. He knows best when and how the Biblical Messiah will appear – to a fully restored Israel – which will, in turn, affect the whole world. Only when Christians respect and support the promises of God to Israel, will both of our mutual desires finally be realized.

King Hiram of Lebanon, a non-Jew, supported King David and Solomon in building the first Temple. Christians today should support Israel in every conceivable way, to realize her God-given spiritual restoration through the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. This respect towards God and His chosen people will do far more to bring about the fulfillment of Messiah’s coming, than all the failed human efforts of the past.

The vision and objective of Christians For The Temple are to not only awaken Christians to God’s promise of Israel’s redemption but more importantly, to take an active part in supporting this redemption. It is our duty and debt of love as the people who were not included in the original covenants, but are blessed as recipients of His grace through His chosen people.

Join me in being a voice of these important truths and become a part of this prophetic movement of the last days of Redemption in Israel!

[1] Isa 65:21; Ezek 28:25,26; Amos 9:14,15; Zeph 3:20

[2] Exodus 19:5; Deut 7:6

[3] Isa 56:7

[4] Zech 6:12,13

[5] Rom 11:15

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