New Israel Fund Grantee: ‘BDS Will Help Me End the Occupation’

November 20, 2017

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Ronn Torossian

Excerpts from an article yesterday on NRG on Dr. Ruchama Marton, the acting President of Physicians for Human Rights reveals the type of radical left organizations supported by the New Israel Fund. While Physicians for Human Rights claims to work towards  “a more fair and inclusive society in which the right to health is applied equally for all,” this telling interview provides the reality that the organization stands with Israel’s enemies.

According to NGO Monitor, The New Israel Fund (NIF) gave $1,470,400 to Physicians for Human Rights since 2008.

As the article quotes this organization’s head as saying:

“I view BDS as a movement that will help me end the occupation”.

The radical left, she said, must “launch a “revolt” against the Israeli government by joining the BDS movement, participating in boycotts of public figures and institutions and causing the Jewish state to “to end the occupation, the apartheid, and the privileged regime.”

“As long as Jewish Israelis who do not support BDS think it is possible to change Israel from within, they are just like the rabbit who wanted to change the lion from within, and the lion ate him. Change from within today is an illusion. The radical left cannot think and act this way. A left that wants to change Israel, and which has repeatedly declared this, must ally itself with Israel’s Arabs, with the Palestinians, and with the movement to delegitimize Israel around the world.

“We have to join the BDS movement – which isn’t big enough but is constantly growing. What happened in the past in South Africa is a good example. The world forced the leaders of South Africa to realize, when they refused to understand, that there is a limit to what power can achieve. In the end they were forced to internalize that the key to ensuring their existence was equality and not power, otherwise, they were doomed to destruction. Gritting their teeth and against their will, they understood this. Sooner or later that is the process that will occur here.

“Why do the settlers join up with the Evangelists? The settlers are their best friends, despite their clear and declared anti-Semitism. I am not getting married to BDS. I view BDS as a movement that will help me end the occupation and the apartheid.

“There is a Jewish nationalist group that is in power and is not willing to recognize the equal rights of the other – not the Palestinians in Israel and not the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. That is apartheid.”

Read the full article here:

Simply put, the New Israel Fund stands against Israel.  People such as David N. Myers of the Center for Jewish History who are leaders of this organization and stand with a boycott of Israel must walk away. Just walk away.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Israel National News

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