Total Solar Eclipse “Final Wake-Up Call” for American Jews: End-of-Days Expert

August 16, 2017

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A rare confluence of conflicting elemental forces may appear next Monday off the coast of America, when a rare hurricane is expected to hit the north Atlantic precisely as the shadow of a total solar eclipse passes overhead. A prominent End-of-Days expert sees this as a powerful last-ditch wake-up call for America, with an especially chilling message for American Jews.

The solar eclipse next week is expected to appear over Oregon in the northwest United States at 9:06 AM on Monday, and will work its way southeast in a diagonal path, passing over the South Carolina coast at around 4:06 PM. The shadow will then continue on out to sea, heading south over the Atlantic.

Solar eclipses cause unusually high tides in coastal regions. Right now, clouds are forming that may form into a significant hurricane on Monday, stirring up the waters of the Atlantic directly under the solar eclipse.

The path of the eclipse may meet a hurricane. (Weather Channel)

“This is precisely what happened before the flood of Noah,”said Rabbi Pinchas Winston, an end-of-days expert and prolific author on the subject. “The Midrash (Talmud) states that God sent unusual weather before the flood in order to rouse the people to do tshuva (repent).”

Rabbi Winston explained that nature is an aspect of God referred to in Judaism as ‘Elohimand unusual natural phenomenon contain divine messages. Next week’s mix of darkness and raging storm is indeed rare. The last time solar eclipse appeared over a hurricane in the Atlantic was in 1959. The last time a solar eclipse traversed the United States was 99 years ago.

“God uses nature to nudge us along, to trigger us to decide. Any occurrence that is outside of the norm is intended to make people think, each in his own way. People of faith can become stronger in their faith while secular people can become more so,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News.

He explained that the nations of the world are represented by the sun and the Talmud singles out a solar eclipse as a bad omen for non-Jews.

“This is the end of an era for America,” said Rabbi Winston. “The righteous Christians still have salvation within America. They are getting the wake up call that they are about to go through a very difficult time. It is a call for tshuva.

The timing of the eclipse certainly points towards a call for repentance. The eclipse will end just a few hours before the Hebrew month of Elul begins, initiating a forty-day period of repentance culminating in the holy day of Yom Kippur, the most somber day of the Jewish calendar, when tradition holds that God completes his judgement of the world and closes the Book of Life.

The forty days between the first day of Elul and Yom Kippur correspond to the 40 days that Moses spent repenting to God for Israel on Mount Sinai. During those 40 days, the Jewish people blow the shofar daily and recite special pre-dawn penitential prayers known as slichot (forgiveness).

Thousands of Jewish people gather for a mass prayer for forgiveness (slichot) at the Western Wall in before Yom Kippur on September 21, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

Rabbi Winston emphasized that the eclipse wake-up call bears a different message for American Jews.

“Once this era is over and God decides that the purpose of Jews in America is over, even the righteous Jews will not have any protection,” warned Rabbi Winston. He explained that this was a recurring pattern in the history of the Jews in exile.

“When an era ended in Spain and Portugal, the countries suffered, but ultimately they recovered,” Rabbi Winston said. “But for the Jews of Spain and Portugal, it was the end. The same happened in Germany, and every other country that has ever hosted the Jews.”

“This eclipse is the final wake-up call for the American Jews to come to Israel,” Rabbi Winston said.

Astronomical phenomenon are often discussed in Jewish literature as accompanying the Messiah. Rabbi Winston is the latest in a series of prominent rabbis who have speculated on the spiritual implications of the upcoming rare astral event. Rabbi Yosef Berger cited a 100-year old prophecy warning that a solar eclipse occurring on the eve of Elul warns of disaster for “Kings of the East”, while Rabbi Lazar Brody explained the eclipse as a warning to America against normalizing Biblically immoral behaviors.

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