Europe Is Committing Suicide

August 3, 2017

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According to Wikipedia, “Eurabia” is a concept used to describe a “conspiracy theory” of globalist elements, coined by author Bat Ye’or in the early 2000s and described in her 2005 book titled “Eurabia: The Euro‐Arab Axis.” Unfortunately, it’s fact, not a conspiracy theory.

France and the other EEC countries – the precursor to the EU – entered the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) with the Arab League, ostensibly to promote cross-cultural and trade cooperation between Europe and the Arab countries. This occurred after the 1973 Yom Kippur War and the Arab oil embargo. However, the EAD was never a two-way street. Instead, the Europeans and the Arabs conspired to Islamize and Arabize Europe, weakening Europe’s existing culture and undermining its alignment with the US and Israel. The major goals of the EAD were to hurt Israel, to supply laborers for European commerce, and to guarantee Europe’s oil supplies.

Bat Ye’or makes the case that Europe has surrendered to Islam and is in a state of dhimmitude (submission), “forced to deny its own culture, stand silently by in the face of alleged Muslim atrocities, accept Muslim immigration, and pay tribute through various types of economic assistance.”

In the past, I’ve written several articles about Eurabia. Lately, a number of books have described the result of what Bat Ye’or warned about more than a decade ago. Douglas Murray has written one of the best. His 2017 “The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam,” is an eye-opener. The book’s opening sentences are, “Europe is committing suicide. Or at least its leaders have decided to commit suicide.”

This is the problem, but more so with European governments than with the Europeans themselves. Murray details how past and present leaders blatantly lie to their constituents, sugarcoating, or even falsifying, the consequences of the huge influx of immigrants, most of them young males, who have little or no intention of becoming “European.” The tragedy is that the European leaders care little for the outcome of their actions to increase immigration. They do care about getting the votes of these newcomers. (The Eastern European leaders in the EU have caused problems by refusing to cooperate in opening their countries to the migrants.)

Murray describes the current malaise: Native Europeans in modern liberal democracies consider their lives, to some extent to be shallow and that life in modern Western Europe is purposeless. It has come to the point where government leaders praise the influx of migrants as vital for the continuation of life in Europe, making it more “interesting,” even in regard to traditional cuisines, despite the obvious lack of assimilation. Unfortunately, there is a general feeling that Europe has no culture worth preserving among certain classes of Europeans.

Regarding the current flood of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, Murray says, “The world was coming into Europe at precisely the moment that Europe has lost sight of what it is…. Not only that, Europe has adopted ‘a unique, abiding, and perhaps fatal sense of an obsession with guilt.’ which manifests itself in passively accepting the substitution of native Europeans by immigrants mostly of Muslim heritage.” This is magnified by the religiosity and high birth rate of the newcomers compared to the indigenous Europeans, who have almost abandoned the Christian religion while choosing to have very few children.

In February 2017, the British think tank Chatham House released a survey of public opinion in ten European countries. The majority in eight out of the ten countries agreed with the statement: “All further migration from Muslim countries should be stopped.” In Britain, 47%, a plurality, were also in favor of halting all Muslim immigration. Yet the governing elite shows no hesitation about continuing their programs to attract migration.

Murray offers this telling anecdote from the small city in the state of Hesse. The polite, concerned residents of Kassel organized a meeting questioning their politicians about 800 immigrants expected to arrive imminently in their town. “At one point, the district president Walter Lubcke tells them that anyone who does not agree with the [immigration] policy ‘is free to leave Germany.’” Murray asks, “A whole new population is being brought into their country and they are told to leave if they don’t like it?” It is astonishing!

One point that Murray makes is the irony that, as more and more migrants are brought into Europe despite majority displeasure, the newcomers’ growing numbers make a change in immigration policy less and less likely. An unbelievable part of the current policy prohibits deporting migrants who are without identification papers. Naturally, it’s become a common sight to see new arrivals tearing up their identity papers, if they hadn’t already done so before departing their native lands. They’re in Europe for good (or bad). These policies enable the self-fulfilling prophecy that eventually, the “new Europeans” who approve of the Muslim wave will one day be the majority.

In a McClatchy news service article ( about native Europeans starting to fight back against their culture being swamped by a non-Western influx, Heidi Beirich, who tracks white supremacy and extremist groups at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), said: “Everybody’s on the same page that essentially a white genocide is ongoing and that all white people across the Western world need to protect their interests and fight against this.” The “everbody” that Beirich refers to are liberal progressives for whom anything is permissible. The “white genocide” that she refers to is, according to the very progressive SPLC, the fight against the Islamization of Europe.

In this article, journalist Theresa Welsh wrote: “Generation Identity [a European white nationalist group] calls its effort “Defend Europe.” Using their own ship, the C-Star, Defend Europe intends to target NGO rescue operations in one of the most trafficked migrant routes in the world. The C-Star will abide by international law, the group says and will come to the aid of any ship in its vicinity that sends out a distress signal. But where NGOs would rescue the migrants and transport them to Europe [sometimes very close to the coast of Libya], Defend Europe plans to transfer them to the Libyan Coast Guard for a return to that country… Defend Europe plans to destroy the vessels [it captures] so [the boats used by traffickers of illegal immigrants] cannot be used again to try and ferry people to Europe.”

My generation may be the last to enjoy Western Europe as a pleasant place to vacation. The following is a partial list of Muslim proportion of European cities:

Amsterdam Netherlands 24%, Berlin Germany 9%, Birmingham UK 21.8%, Brussels Belgium 25.5%, Cologne Germany 12%, Copenhagen Denmark 10%, Leicester UK 18.6%, London UK 12.4%, Luton UK 24.6%, Malmö Sweden 20%, Manchester UK 15.8%, Marseille France 25-30%, Paris France 15%, Rotterdam Netherlands 25%, Stockholm Sweden 20%, The Hague Netherlands 14.2% (,

As Douglas Murray and other writers such as Mark Steyn pointed out, European leaders are willingly trading their native population for a group that, by and large, resists assimilation. Not only that, this influx of Muslims, though from many different countries, is uniformly very devout and has a sizable percentage of members who condone, or are willing, to perpetrate acts of terror – even if they are children of immigrants born and raised in Europe. So, is Europe committing suicide? All we can say for sure is “Looks like it.”

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