Do You Feel the Churban Yet?

July 31, 2017

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“I gave you The City and the Holy Mount in ‘67 and you spurned them and returned the keys to Mine enemies, the Waqf, and their ilk. Do you feel the churban – destruction – yet, My wayward son, My firstborn? Riots and murder take the place of your prayers, and the sacrifice of your elders and children on the alters of your enemies, instead of the sweet aroma of the offerings in My house that you never built for me, because of your pride,’’ saith the L-rd God of Israel.

After two Israeli police officers were shot to death near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, it was only normal for the government to increase security, to prevent the smuggling of weapons onto the Temple Mount, by placing metal detectors and more video cameras.

Chairman Avi Dichter of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee said afterward, ‘’Israel is the sovereign on the Temple Mount, period. The fact that the Waqf (Muslim Trust) became a sovereign on the Temple Mount, ended last Friday.’’ Israelis seemed to agree, according to a Channel 2 TV poll, 68% of Israeli’s felt it was right to put up the metal detectors.

Interviewed by Israeli radio, Dicther, the former head of the Shabak – Israel Security Agency – said, “In the past they tried the ‘Al-Aqsa is in danger’ campaign, and now they have moved to a new campaign that says ‘The Temple Mount is equal to Al-Aqsa.’ They are trying to make it a problem for Jews to go up to the Temple Mount…Just as no non-Muslim can enter Mecca and Medina, they want to do so on the Temple Mount, but the mount will be under the control of the Israel Police.”

But, Arabs refused to ascend the mount for Muslim prayers, for almost two weeks, because of the “occupation’s metal detectors,” and many confused Israeli politicians, journalists and the artsy-craftsy-elitist class, cried over the Arabs refusal, calling on the government to remove the new security arrangements. Meanwhile, the Arabs called for “Days of Rage” and went on a killing spree, stabbing to death, a grandfather and his adult son and daughter in Halamish during their Sabbath dinner, and carrying out numerous other violent attacks throughout Israel.

Do you feel the churban yet?

“Your fast day is coming. I so wanted to turn it into a day of rejoicing, Our wedding feast relived, but you stubbornly ignored My pleas, My hints, the miracles I did for you and your fathers. You chose the enemy within your borders, instead of Me. Fear of the gentile, and worries on how to placate him, filled your minds, while scorning Me and Our relationship, my beloved. How could you turn your backs on your history, your destiny, when I gave you everything you dreamed of for almost 2,000 years?” saith the L-rd God of Israel.

While the EU, UN, and White House all quickly condemned the terrorist attack on the Israeli police officers, and that in Halamish, the Pope was more morally noncommittal calling for, “moderation and dialogue”. As could be expected, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League, Turkey, and many others condemned Israel for it’s handling of the events. Then after several days of Arab rioting and violence, Trump sent Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman – sounds like a Jewish law firm – to pressure Netanyahu to remove the metal detectors and other security enhancements, which he and his cabinet agreed to do. Talk about giving into evil…

Do you feel the churban yet?

But Israelis aren’t totally lost yet, according to that poll, 77% of Israelis felt that the removal of the metal detectors signaled Israel’s surrender and was against it. In spite of the violence from the Arabs, Am Yisrael – the Jewish people – are stronger than their leaders. They await leadership worthy of them.

“You can still redeem yourselves, there’s still time. Throw those foxes off the Mount and don’t let them back this time. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. No power on earth can oppose you when you choose to worship Me, My special treasure, My people Israel,” saith the L-rd God of Israel.

“I loved your fathers and your mothers, your prophets and kings, your scholars and wise men with a love not of this world. And, I love you that way too. I only ask for the same from you, My prized possession from all the peoples of the earth,” saith the L-rd God of Israel.

Do you feel the redemption yet?

“I will be there with you every step of the way, I never abandoned you, and you must believe Me. Fear nothing or no one, for I am with you. I give you the power and strength to do what must be done, My people Israel,” saith the L-rd God of Israel.

“I only ask, that you carry out justice (don’t let evil run wild), love kindness (protect the innocent), and walk humbly with your God,” Micha 6:8.

Do you feel the redemption yet?

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