Grand Canyon Experiments May Prove Noah’s Flood Happened 6,000 Years Ago

July 19, 2017

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After a four-year court battle, a geologist has been granted permission to collect samples from the Grand Canyon which he hopes will prove that Noah’s flood took place less than 6,000 years ago. An MIT scholar, a religious Jew who combines Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and science, makes a strong case for the flood theory and pokes holes in its biggest opponent – the theory of evolution.

Dr. Andrew Snelling, the head geologist for Answers in Genesis, plans to conduct experiments, requiring collecting 50-60 half-pound rocks from the Grand Canyon National park, proving that the Grand Canyon was carved out of stone rapidly during the process that occurred as a result of the global flood during the time of Biblical Noah. Contrary to Snelling’s theory, most geologists believe that the Grand Canyon was the result of millions of years of erosion.

Grand Canyon (Shutterstock)

Snelling first applied for a permit to collect the rock samples from the Grand Canyon in 2013. His intention was to use data collected from the samples to prove that the Flood of Noah occurred less than 6,000 ago. One of the reasons given by the Park Service geologists for denying his request was that they did not consider the proposal scientifically valid.

Snelling filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the United States Department of the Interior and the Grand Canyon National Park authorities, citing the Trump administration’s executive order of May 4, 2017 directing the government “to vigorously enforce Federal law’s robust protections for religious freedom.” Snelling was finally granted permission last week to collect samples.

Snelling’s organization is a Young Earth Creationist ministry whose American branch was founded in 1994 by Australian Ken Ham. They believe that the universe, Earth, and all life on Earth were created by direct acts of God less than 10,000 years ago. Central to this belief is the story of the flood of Noah, which they believe was global, destroying all land life and forming fossils immediately.

The global  flood theory is so foundational to Creationism that AIG built a full-size replica of the ark in order to illustrate that it was indeed possible to preserve the full range of land animals on board in a manner that would permit the world to be repopulated after the flood.

But its biggest detractors point out that the flood story is incompatible with the theory of evolution, which holds that mutation is a slow, random, and most of all, long process using a large pool of different species.

Yet this slow theory of evolution is thoroughly rejected by Dr. Lee M. Spetner, an applied biophysical physicist with a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who also happens to be an observant Jew. Dr. Spetner, who accepts the Biblical version of the story of Noah as it is written, was inspired by the Rabbi David Luria, a 19th century Lithuanian kabbalist who calculated that there were 365 originally created species of beasts and 365 of birds.

Dr. Lee Spetner (Wikipedia)

Dr. Spetner explained that it was perfectly reasonable for so few species to evolve into the diversity of species in existence today. He believes a slow, random process of evolution requiring hundreds of thousands of years is entirely incorrect.

“Randomness in evolution is all wrong both from a theoretical and an observational point of view,” Dr. Spetner told Breaking Israel News. “There is simply no evidence for it. The whole theory has to be changed to being based on non-random changes brought on by the environment.”

According to his theory, about which he has published several books, evolution occurs much more rapidly and in a much more directed fashion than previously thought.

“When organisms are put into a new environment, they change and adapt due to environmental stress,” Dr. Spetner said. “So a few species, as they spread, will adapt very differently.”

If his theory is correct, it could conceivably provide a scientific basis for proving the flood story.

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