Stunning Research Reveals Incredible Alignment of Holy Tabernacle and Celestial Movements

July 17, 2017

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After a detailed analysis of the description of the Biblical Tabernacle, an engineer has found startling correlations between the earthly structure and the orbits of the planets in the solar system. The remarkable similarities reflect an ancient belief that the tent in the desert was the pivotal point connecting heaven and earth, built using the power of creation itself.

Michael from Ireland (who prefers his surname not be known), retired from a career in telecommunications, has written several books on his studies of the Bible using his unique perspective. His background in engineering means that Michael speaks the language of numbers, and the sections of the Bible describing the construction of the Tabernacle are, for Michael, an open book. His unique approach allowed Michael to see the Tabernacle not only as a standing structure but also in terms of surface area.

“It’s like a manual from IKEA,” Michael told Breaking Israel News. “Most people try to envision the Tabernacle as a standing structure. It’s meant to be put together so you can also see it laid out flat.”

When viewed in this manner, Michael began to see remarkable correlations, dimensions of the Tabernacle that equalled astronomical phenomena that would have been visible to the Hebrews in the desert. In this mathematical revelation, Michael was confronted with a mystery: why were the sun, moon and stars factored into the dimensions of the tabernacle?

How the Tabernacle would have looked in use. (Wikimedia Commons)

One answer to this question was given in Bamidbar Rabbah (12:12),  a collection of ancient rabbinical homiletic interpretations of the book of Numbers, in which it is written that when Israel erected the tabernacle, God told the angels to erect a corresponding version in the heavens.

The first glimmers came to Michael when he read in the Bible that the Hebrews donated 29 talents and 730 shekels of gold.

“I immediately noticed that the talents corresponded to one lunar month of 29 days. 730 corresponds to two solar years, or 730 days,” Michael said. At that point, he began to notice a pattern but was unsure of its significance. He then noted that the silver collected for constructing the Tabernacle was 100 talents and 1,775 shekels. He recognized that 1,775 was the equivalent of five lunar years to within three days.

“I would not have recognized the five lunar years except that I had seen it previously in the biblical Book of Enoch in a description of astronomical events,” Michael said.

The apocryphal Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, although modern scholars believe the older sections to date from about 300 BCE. It is not part of the Biblical canon.

Before presenting his next findings, Michael noted that there are, in fact, two opinions as to the dimensions of the Tabernacle. The majority of scholars adhere to dimensions based on a description by Josephus, a first-century Jewish scholar and historian. Michael’s study is based on the smaller dimensions described by Richard Elliot Friedman, Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Georgia.

Michael then did some calculations of the surface areas of the complete tabernacle structure and discovered that it equaled precisely 2,300 cubits. This brought to mind the enigmatic prophecy in the Book of Daniel.

And he said unto me: ‘Unto two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then shall the sanctuary be victorious.’ Daniel 8:13

Michael then calculated the surface area only of the section of the Tabernacle containing the Holy of Holies. He added the surface area of the vessels contained within it and came to a total of 364 cubits. The Book of Enoch also describes a 364-day calendar.

Michael calculated the surface area of the fifteen roof bars of the Tabernacle, arriving at the figure of 225 square cubits, the numerical equivalent of the orbit of Venus around the sun.

He then calculated the internal surface area of the Tabernacle tent minus the entrance curtain and the dividing veil, since they were drawn back when Aaron the High Priest entered every morning. The remaining surface areas in the tabernacle tent and its furnishings was 686.5 square cubits, equal to the orbit of Mars.

The garments of the High Priest, with breastplate. (Library of Congress)

When the veil of the tabernacle tent was removed, the remaining surface areas of the tabernacle building fabrics added up to 4340, seven days longer than the orbit of Jupiter.

Using this method, Michael also figured the surface areas of both sides of the tabernacle materials when it was deconstructed for travel, plus the surface area of the utensils, arriving at a total of 10,761.5 square cubits, equal to one orbit of Saturn with just two days of an overlap.

He also noted that the total surface area of the utensils inside the Holy of Holies plus the breastplate worn by the High Priest was 87.75 square cubit, compared to the orbit of the planet Mercury at 87.97 days.

Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, responded to Michael’s findings by noting that Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, the preeminent 11th century French Torah scholar known by the acronym Rashi, taught that God gave the ten utterances used to create the world to Betsalel so that he could build the Tabernacle.

“All of creation is implicit within the structure itself,” Rabbi Berger said. “The structure and its utensils were not built like any other structure. It was made in a process similar to the creation of the world. Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) teaches us that God created the world in speech and all of reality is essentially combinations of words, letters, and numbers, and this is especially true of the Tabernacle.

“As the connecting point between the upper world and the lower world, this would surely be a part of the Tabernacle and the Temple,” Rabbi Berger concluded. “This connection, connecting the speech of creation that makes up the material of the world, is what will give the Messiah the ability to raise up this world to a higher level.”

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