Military Intelligence Analyst Identifies ISIS as Ancient Nemesis Amalek

April 27, 2017

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The violent, ongoing conflict between Egypt and the Islamic State currently raging in the Sinai is a reenactment of the Biblical confrontation between Israel and Amalek, even taking place on the same battlefield, pointed out a military analyst who has turned to the Bible to make sense of current events.

Exodus tells of the legendary battle between Amalek, the ancestral enemy of the Jewish people, and the Israelites, which took place in a place called Rephidim, located in the Egyptian desert.

Then came Amalek, and fought with Israel in Rephidim. Exodus 17:8

Two thousand years later, a new battle against Israel’s enemies is being staged in exactly the same place: an Egyptian airfield in Bir Gafgafa, which is located precisely on the Biblical site of Rephidim in the Sinai Peninsula.

ISIS militants in the Sinai Peninsula. (Screenshot)

The connection was made, surprisingly, by Debka Files, an Israeli military intelligence website. Giora Shamis, the editor of the website, immediately saw the Biblical context as the framework for understanding a situation that pits ISIS-affiliated fighters against Egypt, considered an ally of Israel in this conflict.

“I am not religious, but the correlation between ISIS and Amalek is clear and should be taken into account when considering modern events,” Shamis told Breaking Israel News. “What happened thousands of years ago is simply being played out again, a continuation of what already happened there historically.”

Shamis, who is secular, sees the Bible as a source that has a great deal to contribute in understanding the modern political forum.

“The stories in the Bible not only have a religious side, but they also have a political aspect we would do well to learn from,” Shamis said.

Shai Ben Tekoa, another journalist who views current events from a Biblical perspective, also sees Amalek as an archetype for ISIS, explaining in detail how ISIS can trace its military and ideological heritage from the Biblical nemesis.

“ISIS in particular and Islamic terrorism in general are clearly incarnations of Amalek,” said Tekoa, former head broadcaster for Arutz Sheva, to Breaking Israel News. “Like Amalek, they seek out gratuitous cruelty.”

Ben Tekoa noted the tactical similarities in Israel’s Biblical confrontation with Amalek and how it translates to modern problems with Islamic terror.

Map of the Sinai Peninsula and Israel. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Amalek’s main tactic was to avoid head-on confrontation,” Ben Tekoa explained. “They were sneaky, coming up from the rear to attack the weakest in society, just like ISIS and Islamic terrorists today.

“Our problem is not with Islamic armies. Islamists are congenital ambush artists, inheriting this from their Biblical forefathers.”

Ben Tekoa feels that the Biblical perspective is the most accurate lens for perceiving the regional politics and other journalists would do well to follow suit.

“The Bible is true, and its timeless brilliance is the best source for understanding the world today,” Ben Tekoa said. He related how, after learning about religion and Islam at Columbia University, he turned to the Bible for more insight. “I learned more about the Arabs and Islam from the few sentences in the Bible concerning Ishmael than from all the academic sources I studied.”

It appears that the political analysts are just now catching on to what religious experts have known all along. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, an expert in Bible codes, posted a video in 2015 in which he noted that the word ‘Amalek’ is composed of two words: ‘Am’ (nation) and ‘Malek’ (behead), hinting at ISIS’s signature brutality.

Rabbi Glazerson went on to show the gematria (numerology) of Amalek equals 240. Every nation has a ruling angel, and Amalek’s angel is the evil Samael. The gematria of Samael equals 136. Rabbi Glazerson then combined the two names and arrived at a total of 376, which equals the numerology of Daesh, the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

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