Hidden 1,500-Year-Old Prophecy Finally Revealed. What it Says About North Korea Will Amaze You

April 26, 2017

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A 1,500-year-old prophecy that puzzled generations of scholars has finally been deciphered, its secrets revealed by a hidden sage who has sent out the message that the imminent conflict in North Korea will culminate in the final war. His message contains several stern warnings about how to cope with the difficult times ahead.

Renowned but reclusive Torah scholar Rabbi Moshe Aharon HaKohen, himself a mysterious man, has finally deciphered a 1,500-year-old book of esoteric teachings concerning the days before Messiah. Rabbi HaKohen is over 100 years old and accessible to only a few select people, but when he understood the urgent nature of what he had learned, he relayed a message to Rabbi Yosef Berger about the prophecies, which directly concern the present situation in North Korea.

Rabbi Yosef Berger. (Courtesy David’s Tomb)

According to Rabbi HaKohen, the prophecy stated explicitly that the North Korean conflict will continue to grow until it becomes the final war that will bring redemption.

“In the end of days, there will be horrific violence all over the world, but the sign that the Messiah truly imminent is when a war breaks out in the northern part of the world involving all the nations of the world,” Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News. “Rabbi HaKohen stated that these things are closer than ever to happening.”

The strange story began almost 1,500 years ago with Rabbi Pinchas, a noted kabbalist and mystic living in Northern Israel, and his wife, Rachel. After years of infertility, they were blessed with a son they named Nachman Chatufa in the Hebrew year 4632 (872 CE). According to the legend, Nachman began speaking esoteric secrets immediately after being born, but his father, shocked at hearing the forbidden secrets spoken aloud, reprimanded him. The child fell silent and remained so for many years.

When he turned twelve, Rachel pleaded with her husband, who prayed until the boy began to speak. Again, the child began to reveal esoteric secrets, relating prophecies concerning the days before Messiah. His words were recorded in Aramaic in a book titled Nevuat HaYeled (Prophecy of the Child). After giving over the prophecies, the boy died. The burial sites of the child and his father, now a shrine, still exist in northern Israel.

Nevuat HaYeled is rarely studied. It deals with esoteric matters in particularly cryptic Aramaic and is exceptionally difficult to understand. As the situation in North Korea intensifies, Rabbi HaKohen felt it imperative that the prophecy and its implications become public knowledge.

According to Rabbi HaKohen’s understanding of the prophecy, the conflict in North Korea is the first sign that the Messianic era is about to begin. The next sign is that the Ten Lost Tribes will return to aid Israel in the final stages of the battle. This clue contains a key element of the prophecy and advice on how to cope with the difficult times ahead.

Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea (Traineek/Wikimedia Commons)

“The Ten Lost tribes will come from beyond the Sambatyon River, and will be especially fastidious regarding the Torah laws and laws of purity,” explained Rabbi Berger to Breaking Israel News. “This will give them an unnatural strength that they will use to help Israel in the final war.”

The Ten Lost Tribes were exiled in 556 BCE by Assyrian King Shalmanessar, with some tribes being sent beyond the semi-mythical Sambatyon River. Though mentioned in several historical texts as lying near Damascus, the river has yet to be positively identified. According to Jewish legend, the river has the unique quality of not flowing on the Sabbath.

“That is the key to the message behind the prophecy,” Rabbi Berger continued. “The final war will be unnaturally fast, some aspects taking mere minutes. It will be beyond human control, but the one thing people can do to take control over time and to help themselves in this war is to become strong in observing the Sabbath.

“The Ten Tribes will return from beyond the Sabbath River to reinforce that the Sabbath and Torah observance connect us to the creator, and help us cope with the world.”

The arrival of the Lost Tribes also brings with it a difficult message.

“After the Ten Tribes return, the doors to Israel will be closed,” warned Rabbi Berger.

As the situation in North Korea intensifies, more prophecies are being revealed. A video has resurfaced of Rabbi Levi Sa’adia Nachamani filmed one month before he died 22 years ago. In the video, the rabbi warns that the greatest threat to Israel is North Korea. At the time, North Korea was not known to have a nuclear weapons program and was not considered a credible threat to any country.

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