“Dark Powers Reemerging in the World”, Warns Mystic Rabbi

February 14, 2017

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Noted mystic spiritual leader Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi warned against witchcraft and black magic making a comeback in the world In his weekly sermon. The rabbi was confident that the powers of good and God would prevail, giving practical advice on how to fight this spiritual battle while noting the signs of the Messiah apparent in the present situation.

Rabbi Ben Artzi began by warning that dark powers are reemerging in the world, seeking to usurp God’s rule.

“[God] rules the world, and not the powers of impurity. Idol worshippers look to the stars and tell fortunes in tea cups, using tarot cards, and other methods. They believe these things rule the future,” the rabbi said.

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi (Wikipedia)

However, he added, “The Jews have nothing to fear from fortune-telling and magic. As the Jewish People, we choose our own future by mitzvot (Torah commandments) and our relationship with Hashem.

Rabbi Ben Artzi compared those who oppose modern Israel to Pharaoh and his evil magicians, who used dark magic in a futile attempt to oppose God’s will.

“After every plague, Pharaoh and his wizards, all idol worshippers, spoke to their gods and the power of evil (the dark side), to remove the plague, but it didn’t help,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said. “Nothing worked until they bowed down and cried to Moses, and then the plague stopped immediately.”

The rabbi suggested an unusual Torah-based tactic to battle the forces of magic assailing the State of Israel. He explained that hidden things could not be cursed, illustrating this by quoting the Talmud (Baba Metzia 42a): “Everything that is hidden from the eye has in it a blessing”.

“The government of Israel needs for all its decisions to be made in secret and it is forbidden they should be made public,” Rabbi Ben Artzi declared. “The government does not need to boast, to publicize, or to act with pride. They need to act with humility, quietly, and in a hidden manner.”

The rabbi believes that secrecy is also a beneficial trait of the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, which will help him in fighting these forces of evil.

“Trump very much prefers to work quietly,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said. “He does not like pridefulness. He is beginning to ‘clean house’. There are many enemies and Muslims in the world that Trump is ‘cleaning out’. But Trump is not afraid of anyone and in the end, even Europe and all of their leaders will follow in Trump’s footsteps, in order to save their own skins and their countries from the Muslims, from the refugees that are coming to eat them.”

Rabbi Ben Artzi explained that these dangers are proof that the Messiah is already in the world.

“If there were no Messiah right now, in this generation, there is no way the world could continue to exist,” the rabbi stated. “The Messiah is active, working to protect the borders of Israel from above.  A pillar of smoke protects Israel.

“The creator of the world created the Messiah and filled him with limitless mercy. It pains the Messiah that he has not yet been revealed,” the rabbi continued, describing how the world will change after the Messiah is revealed. “The purpose of the Messiah is to fix man and Israel and the entire world. The Messiah comes to destroy the powers of evil in the world, to redeem the Jews, and to save them forever.”

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