Identities of Gog and Magog Revealed, Confirmed By Bible Codes

February 10, 2017

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The war of Gog and Magog occurred when the United States abstained from the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 on December 23, 2016, claimed rabbinic scholar and popular lecturer Rabbi Mendel Kessin in a recent  interview with Tamar Yonah, veteran radio host at Israel News Talk Radio.

In the interview, Rabbi Kessin, who has recorded over 25 hours of classes about the Messianic implications of events in the 21st century, said, “The UN is Gog and Magog. The UN is the entire world against Israel.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin (Photo: Facebook)

“They actually said that Jerusalem is occupied territory, which is absurd. Why did the UN do it? Because what God obviously did is He made the UN decree against Israel include Jerusalem (which is nonsense), in order that that institution, and the decree, should be Gog and Magog.

“And the one who did that is Obama… The last job [Obama] had was to accelerate the Messianic process by having the war of Gog and Magog, which is the UN, against Israel. So therefore, that aspect of the prophecy is now fulfilled, and now the rest of the Messianic process can continue.”

Rabbi Kessin’s assertion is supported by a Bible Codes table recently published by international Bible Codes expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson. After hearing a presentation of Rabbi Kessin’s claim that the UN and Obama are connected to Gog and Magog, Rabbi Glazerson began looking for a meeting of codes for the UN and for Obama.

He found these codes in the Book of Numbers, chapters 30 and 31. The first code he points out is HaUm, followed immediately by Gog. In Hebrew, the UN is called Haumot HaM’uchadot, which is abbreviated by Hebrew speakers as HaUm. 

Less than 10 letters away, Rabbi Glazerson found the Hebrew word oyav, which means enemy. The implication is that the UN is the enemy of Israel. Codes for Obama and Kerry are found in the same small table.

Rabbi Glazerson points out codes for Islamic nations, which fight against Israel. He also found the Hebrew code for Persia, one of the nations that fights against Israel in the war of Gog and Magog, according to a prophecy from the Book of Ezekiel. Many consider Biblical Persia to be equivalent to modern Iran.

Persia Cush and Put with them all of them with shield and helmet. Ezekiel 38:5

Ending on a hopeful note, in the middle of the table, Rabbi Glazerson points out the codes for “Messiah of Israel will take revenge” against the enemies of Israel.

The connection between Gog and Obama was also made more than a year ago, when Breaking Israel News published a viral news story about a 15 year-old Israeli boy named Natan who had a near-death experience. In a video interview, Natan, a previously secular student, returned from his experience quoting Biblical prophecy regarding the End of Days.

In that video, Natan clearly named Obama as Gog. “The person who will start the war will be somebody named Gog… I am certain of who it is. Obama. President Obama. He will be the one who starts that war.”

Breaking Israel News asked End of Days expert and prolific author Rabbi Pinchas Winston whether, in his opinion, the connection these three sources have made between Obama and the UN with Gog and Magog is accurate. “It’s really hard to know until after the fact, for obvious reasons. But, it’s worth suspecting to prepare for what is coming up,” he said.

While implying that it’s good to be cautious, Rabbi Winston also advised preparedness because “Whatever is coming up is the end of the story.”

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