Sieg Heil, the Alt Right and

November 24, 2016

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People are sending me information about Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute conference in Washington D.C. They are neo-Nazis. They raise their hands in a Nazi salute and say Sieg Heil. They say they love Trump.

You know what? Maybe in their warped minds they think he’ll be good for them. Yeah, that’s what the Left, some of whom really do support Muslim-Nazi terrorists, would love you to think. They are idiots- the Sieg Heilers- and dead wrong.

So, for the record, this is the current narrative that the mainstream media is using to attack Mr. Trump over these Nazi losers.

Reporter Sarah Posner, a left-wing darling who writes articles about how the war in Gaza was started by Israel to win the Israeli election for the right (!), who works for the anti-Semitic Guardian, Al Jazeera and Mother Jones, told that publication that Steve Bannon – CEO of Breitbart Friends– said that  Breitbart is “the platform for the  Alt Right.”


Alt Right is an amorphous term that is an umbrella for many anti-establishment groups, some of them like the National Policy Institute, who are white supremacists and viciously anti-Semitic. Bannon, now senior advisor to President-elect Trump, has vigorously denied that Breitbart supports any racist or anti-Semitic group.

It’s not only his word. I’ve been subscribing to Breitbart for many years. Breitbart is the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish website on the internet, founded by a Jew who loved Israel and decided on a trip to Jerusalem to counter the anti-Israel mainstream media propaganda against her.

I have never seen anything remotely racist or anti-Semitic on Breitbart.

That is not to say that Alt Right neo-Nazis aren’t posting on the internet. They are. Just not on Breitbart.

Where you can find them with no problem, though, is on, founded by billionaire Evan Williams, who said to Bloomberg: “I am firmly against Trump” and donated generously to the Democrats. Check out the stomach-turning Traditio on, a Holocaust denying, sickeningly anti-Semitic website. When I asked to take it down, they wrote me back that they don’t believe in censorship.

The Leftists – Obama-lovers-best-deal-possible-with-Iran – will use any tactic to bring down a democratically elected government opposed to their idiocies and malevolence. They call anyone they don’t agree with a Nazi, but guess what? There are actually real Nazis out there. They just don’t have anything to do with Breitbart, or Trump. My God, the man has Orthodox Jewish grandchildren! Does he sound like Hitler to you?

If you are interested in understanding what is really going on in America, please read the astounding book by the late, great Andrew Breitbart: Righteous Indignation.

You’ll finally understand why Trump is hands down the best thing to happen to America, Israel and the Jews in a long, long time.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Naomi Ragen

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