Will ISIS Prepare the Biblically Promised Land for Israel at End of Days?

October 10, 2016

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Could ISIS have an unexpected role to play in preparing to restore the original borders of the Biblical Promised Land to Israel? That’s exactly what Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel suggested on a recent radio show on the Land of Israel network.

Rabbi Gimpel suggested that ISIS could be seen as a divine tool used to prepare the region for a second-stage fulfillment of Genesis 15, which promises Abraham that his children will inherit a plot of land significantly larger than the current State of Israel.

In that day Hashem made a covenant with Avram, saying: ‘Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates. Genesis 15:18

The Biblical prophecy in Genesis 15 promises the Children of Abraham all the land from the Nile River to the Euphrates River. This includes all of modern-day Jordan and Lebanon, the majority of Syria and parts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Yet, two chapters later, we see that the promise of a wide swath of land in the region is reduced to just the Land of Canaan.

And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land of thy sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God. Genesis 17:8

What happened in between these two chapters that dramatically reduced the territory promised to Abraham’s descendants through his son Isaac? Ishmael was born.

In his book The Ishmaelite Exile: The Truth Behind the Headlines, Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman explained that “God’s promise is kept in its entirety, albeit in a divided manner. The territory within the bounds of the promise is the possession solely of Avraham’s offspring. This includes Ishmael, who took the larger share.”

This is clearly the case, as the State of Israel currently has dominion over only a tiny fraction of the territory that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates. The rest of the land is dominated by Arab countries. However, Rabbi Weitzman reassures his readers that “in the future these areas will also revert to the ownership of the nation of Israel.”

Rabbi Gimpel suggested one scenario for how that could happen when he said, “I’m watching ISIS and they’re destabilizing pretty much, if you look at a map, all of the Biblical Promised Land from the Nile to the Euphrates. That entire region is being destabilized by ISIS. [T]his destabilization is just making empires fall and monarchies fall.”

He offered an example of how ISIS activity has dramatically weakened at least one of the countries that is part of the larger territory promised in Genesis 15. “I mean Syria is an absolute shambles. To see the aerial footage of what Syria looks like now, it’s like an apocalyptic movie, but in real life. All of the building are empty and half-destroyed and crumbled. And it’s happening all over the Promised Land, from the Nile to the Euphrates.”

Coalition forces hitting to ISIS target in the Kobani district in Syria. (Shutterstock)
Coalition forces hitting to ISIS target in the Kobani district in Syria. (Shutterstock)

If ISIS succeeds in toppling existing governments in the region, it could pave the way for Israel to step in and take over, without having to go to war against strong and stable nations.

Rabbi Gimpel pointed out to to Breaking Israel News that, according to some rabbinic opinions, Ezekiel 47, specifically verses 15-20, outline the expanded boundaries that will be part of the Land of Israel in Messianic days.

And this shall be the border of the land: on the north side from the Great Sea by the way of Hethlon unto the entrance of Zedad; Hamath Berothah Sibraim which is between the border of Damascus and the border of Hamath; Hazer-hatticon which is by the border of Hauran. And the border from the sea shall be Hazar-enon at the border of Damascus and on the north northward is the border of Hamath. This is the north side. And the east side between Hauran and Damascus and Gilead and the land of Yisrael by the Jordan from the border unto the east sea shall ye measure. This is the east side. And the south side southward shall be from Tamar as far as the waters of Meriboth-kadesh to the Brook unto the Great Sea. This is the south side southward. And the west side shall be the Great Sea from the border as far as over against the entrance of Hamath. This is the west side. Ezekiel 47:15-20

This idea, that in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, the Jewish people will expand the borders of Israel in Messianic days, may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Although he did not speak to the plausibility of ISIS serving as a divine tool to restore Israel, End of Days expert Rabbi Pinchas Winston did indicate that more land in the region will come under Jewish dominion at the End of Days.

Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News, “We were promised ten lands but only received seven upon entry. We will get the other three after Moshiach (Messiah) comes.”

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