America’s Fate at the End of Days

August 28, 2016

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Donald Trump will be a factor in the End of Days in America by reflecting the rehabilitation of Biblical Esau, said a New Jersey rabbi earlier this month, calling the Republican presidential candidate “a Messiah-like figure”.

The rabbi’s lecture, which took place in Lakewood, New Jersey, begins with Esav (Esau), the twin brother of Jacob, who does not enjoy a sterling reputation in the Bible. Yet rabbinic scholar Rabbi Mendel Kessin suggests that, at the End of Days, Esav will be rehabilitated. Rabbi Kessin speaks often about the spiritual underpinnings of the events of the 21st century.

Rabbi Kessin connects Esav throughout history to Edom, Rome, Christianity, Western civilization and, ultimately, to the United States. According to Rabbi Kessin, America represents the good of Esav. At the End of Days, Rabbi Kessin contends that the sins of Esav will be removed and Esav will become God-fearing.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin (YouTube)
Rabbi Mendel Kessin (YouTube)

He further explains that, although Esav has traditionally been associated with oppressing, persecuting and afflicting the Jews, at the End of Days, he will undergo a fundamental change in his character.

Rather than harming Jews, Esav will turn toward serving the Jews, assisting them in doing God’s will in the form of mitzvot (Biblical commandments). As a result, Esav will be rehabilitated and will earn a place in the World to Come. Further, since Rabbi Kessin believes that spiritual tasks of Esav are being completed by the United States today, he sees the destiny of the United States at the End of Days as a positive one.

But it doesn’t end there. Rabbi Kessin further asserts that Donald Trump has a critical role to play in purifying the US. “What I believe is that the one who is going to switch from [Esav persecuting the Jews] to [Esav serving the Jews] is Donald Trump,” Rabbi Kessin claims. “He’s going to purify Edom.”

At the 43-minute mark of the lecture, Rabbi Kessin states that the gematria (Hebrew numerical value) of Donald Trump is the same as the gematria of Moshiach ben David (Messiah son of David). He quickly assures his listeners that Trump is not the long-awaited Messiah of the Jewish people. At the same time, Kessin plainly asserts that Trump has the qualities of a messiah-like figure.

Rabbi Kessin believes that “someone who will turn a nation completely, diametrically opposite is a messiah.” He further contends that good times will return to the US under the leadership of Donald Trump because “Peace and prosperity must happen in order to rehabilitate the Jews in America, to prepare them for Moshiach (Messiah).”

Using three Biblical examples, he builds his case that Trump is a messiah-like figure. He argues that “A messianic figure is always despised.” He cites Joseph, who was imprisoned; Moses, who had to run away from Pharaoh to escape being killed; and King David, who was rejected many times in his lifetime.

The stone which the builders rejected is become the chief corner-stone. Psalms 118:22

Speaking in more detail about the concept of a messianic figure, Rabbi Kessin said, “Many messianic figures, they come out of nowhere… Everybody is expecting the Moshiach to be this incredible tzaddik (righteous individual), incredible gadol (great person), unbelievable talmid chacham (Torah scholar). Yeah, eventually he will be. But he’s the guy that you don’t even look at twice. That’s who a Moshiach is. And you find all the (messianic figures) were always despised…

“That’s why there’s so much opposition to Trump. Because he’s about to start something which is a major reversal of the job of Esav from [oppression of the Jews] to [serving the Jews].”

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