Sinkholes Are Opening Up Worldwide. Is Korach Returning and Bringing Days of Messiah?

August 5, 2016

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On Tuesday morning, a sinkhole opened up suddenly in Albany, New York, swallowing an SUV. On the same day but on the other side of the globe, another sinkhole, purported to be 100 meters deep, opened up suddenly in a backyard in Brisbane, Australia. A few days ago, the ground opened up in Zhengzhou, China, swallowing several people.

Sinkhole Queensland Australia (YouTube video capture)
Sinkhole Queensland Australia (YouTube video capture)

It may just be a natural coincidence. But some people see the sudden appearance of these three major sinkholes, resulting in at least one death, as a precursor to the Messiah: a replay of Korach disappearing into the desert sands.

Several hundred sinkholes of varying sizes appear every year in the US, with Florida being especially susceptible. Caused by underground erosion, they can go undetected for years until the ground suddenly collapses. The condition might be from entirely natural causes but are exacerbated by manmade conditions.

The sinkhole in China opened on Wednesday during a heavy rainstorm, swallowing a section of road. A man and a woman were pulled to safety but another woman was swept away by the raging waters, the Beijing Youth Daily reported. The Chinese sinkhole was reported to be 99 feet long, 65 feet wide, and at least 30 feet deep.

China sinkhole (YouTube video capture)
China sinkhole (YouTube video capture)

Randall Orndorff, Director of the Eastern Geology and Paleoclimate Science Center for the U.S. Geological Survey, said in an interview with Accuweather in 2013 that sinkholes are becoming more, common, or at the very least, more common in populated areas.

“We have no hard evidence to say for sure that sinkholes are occurring more than they have in the past,” noted Orndoff. “However, since human influences such as paving and building in sinkhole-prone areas has increased, it probably follows that we are seeing them more often.”

Visions of the earth suddenly opening up and swallowing evil-doers epitomizes the Biblical concept of divine retribution. This was seen most clearly in the case of Korach and his rebellious crowd.

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, director of Ohr Chadash Torah Institute, explained that proliferation of sinkholes was inherently connected to the story of Korach, the Biblical archetype of a sinkhole swallowing up evildoers. He revealed a hidden clue from a 16th century mystic hinting at how this fits into the pre-Messianic picture.

And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men that appertained unto Korach, and all their goods. Numbers 16:32

“According to the commentaries, Korach was an incredibly righteous man who never sinned until he rebelled against Moses and Aaron,” explained Rabbi Trugman. “His claim that all the Jews were equal was a valid claim, but it was made at the wrong time. His vision was for the messianic era, which is why he wasn’t killed. According to the Midrash (Bible commentary), he was swallowed up by the earth and will reemerge in the days preceding the Messiah.”

Rabbi Trugman quoted an esoteric teaching by Rabbi Isaac Luria Ashkenazi, a 16th century mystic known as ‘Ha’Ari Zal’ from Safed, concerning a verse from Psalms.

The righteous shall flourish like the palm-tree.  צַדִּיק כַּתָּמָר יִפְרָח Psalms 92:13

“The Ari taught that the last letters of these words, which describe the end of days, spell out the name of Korach,” Rabbi Trugman revealed.  “When Korach first made his claims of universalism , that we are all holy and God is in our midst, he was blinded by ego and it wasn’t yet the right time for that reality. In the future, in the End of Days, Korach will be considered righteous and his claims of universalism will be accepted.”

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