Nibiru Returns? Bible Codes Predict Date for Devastating Comet – It’s Sooner Than You Think

August 3, 2016

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After a flurry of stories about the mysterious Planet X, commonly known as Nibiru, appeared from January to May of this year, talk of Nibiru went quiet over the past few months. The appearance of Nibiru is associated with severe flooding, untold devastation and loss of life.

Most predictions for the appearance of Nibiru ranged from March 24 – April 30, 2016, which was the period between the Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover. These dates have already passed, with no sign of Nibiru.

On March 17, 2016, Breaking Israel News reported that there were some alternate dates suggested. One was September 28, 2016, which is remarkably close to two new dates that international Bible Codes expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson found in recent Bible codes tables.

In companion videos published on July 22 and August 1, Glazerson found the dates of September 23 and 24, 2016 connected to the concept of Nibiru.

Turning to the computer program that helps him find Bible codes, Glazerson pointed out the code for asteroid and the code for Nibiru appear very close together. Nearby, there are three separate codes that represent the current Hebrew year 5776, which corresponds to 2015-2016.

More specifically, in the same table, he found two separate codes for the 20th day of the Hebrew month of Elul, which this year corresponds to Friday, September 23. He also pointed out a Bible code for iyom, the Hebrew word that means a threat.

In the second video on the topic, Glazerson pointed out codes that paint a picture of Nibiru as a punishment for Obama and the United States for “forcing Israel to give up settlements”. The codes in this second video, which place the appearance of Nibiru on September 24, 2016, are connected to the mystical secrets of Judaism. Nevertheless, it is clear that, in Bible codes, there is a threat from a star called Nibiru.

Both of Glazerson’s recent Bible codes videos identify September 23-24 as a significant time period for the appearance of Nibiru and its attendant threat. A related video about Nibiru made earlier this year by filmmaker and Jewish lecturer Yuval Ovadia claimed that Nibiru is “the tool by which God will cleanse the world of its current level of degradation.”

On the other hand, there are tens of thousands of websites that claim to debunk the existence of Nibiru. Glazerson described having been inspired by a headline from a video about an alleged government cover up of the Nibiru story to look for corresponding Bible codes. In that video, senior NASA scientist Dr. David Morrison clearly stated, “There is no credible evidence whatever for the existence of Nibiru. There are no pictures. There’s no tracking, there’s no astronomical observations.”

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