Jan 28, 2022

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The United Nations is reportedly investigating allegations that ISIS, already the wealthiest terror group in history, is harvesting human organs from their victims. The organs are being sold on the black market in Europe for profit.

The allegations came from Mohamed Alhakim, Iraq’s Ambassador to the UN, when he urged the UN Security Council last Tuesday to investigate the deaths of 12 doctors in Morsul, whom he claimed we murdered after refusing to harvest organs for ISIS.

Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city and is under the control of the terror group. Recently, shallow mass graves of ISIS victims have been uncovered of bodies that have parts missing and incisions showing that kidneys had been removed.

“Some of the bodies we found are mutilated…that means some parts are missing,” Alhakim told reporters. The Iraqi ambassador seemed convinced that “this is clearly something bigger than we think.”

According to Alhakim’s report, the money received from the selling of these stolen organs is going to fuel the terrorist organization directly. The terror group is also purposely desecrating the bodies of their victims after their deaths.

According to Nancy Scheper-Hughes, the Director of Organs Watch, a University of California-Berkeley based research project, explained that an army or group of insurgents harvesting organs during a war is not uncommon.

“Organ theft during wars, civil wars, dirty wars, wars involving undisciplined armies is not uncommon,” she said.

UN Spokesperson Stephanie Dujarric told CNN following Alhakim’s report, “At this point we’re not in a position to corroborate what he says, but obviously any source of illegal financing of groups such as ISIS or other extremist groups is extremely worrisome.”

The UN Special Envoy in charge of Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, said that any claims of organ theft will be investigated. “We have seen these reports as well,” he said. “However, I do not want to hasten to confirm anything before we study them in greater detail.”

Mladenov did confirm that rumors regarding ISIS “using human trafficking as part of its sources of income have circulated for months.”

While Mladenov declined to state a definitive response as to whether or not ISIS is indeed trafficking human organs, he did declare something which has been worrying everyone since the group first gained notoriety.

“I cannot speak to the extent of that issue until we finalize our analysis of the problem but if one looks at the broader picture, it is very clear that the brutality and the tactics that (ISIS) is using expand by the day,” he stated.

The situation on the ground in the Middle East is getting all the more serious as ISIS forces are secretly advancing into Turkey and planning attacks on Turkish and European targets in Ankara and Istanbul.

A screenshot of a video released by ISIS showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive.

A screenshot of a video released by ISIS showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive.

In other areas of new extreme positions being forced upon civilians by ISIS, recent reports indicate that the terror group is issuing new rules directly targeted at women. The directives are based upon the terror groups radical interpretation of Sharia Law.

Women are now required to wear a double-layered veil, as well as gloves and loose full length cloaks called abayas so that absolutely no part of their bodies are showing. In addition, all clothing for women in public must be black.

Girls as young as those in the fourth grade are required to dress according to these directives, even in school, which takes place in gender-segregated environments. Neither the students nor their teachers are allowed to remove their veils or other garments in the classroom. Younger girls are required to wear only a hijab.

In addition, in a move similar to current Saudi Arabian law, women must now be accompanied by a male guardian in public. Only under exceptional circumstances are women allowed to leave their houses, making attending higher education or working nearly impossible.

Religious police enforce these rules and roam the streets, handing out punishments to the women as well as their male guardians for any violation of these directives. Punishments can range from fines and humiliation to public beatings.

Meanwhile, Kurdish Peshmerga forces, who were threatened with defeat southwest of Irbil, have managed to repel an ISIS  advance on the area with help from coalition air strikes.

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