New Book on Israel Connects Modern Events to Ancient Prophecy

June 16, 2016

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When respected author Alexander Zephyr set out to write the comprehensive book “The State of Israel; Its Friends and Enemies. Prophetic Future”, he was motivated by his desire to help the State of Israel and the Jewish people against the unjust and corrupt distortions the nations of the world impose on the Holy Land.

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Alexander Zephyr (Photo: Courtesy)

“Israel is facing a lonely fight for survival,” Zephyr told Breaking Israel News. “I felt an obligation to disseminate the truth about Israel’s history, tragic exiles, unspeakable suffering, the creation of the modern Jewish State and who are its friends and enemies. Everything in the book is connected to prophecies in the Hebrew Bible and contemporary geopolitical events.”

Zephyr was born in Eastern Europe to an Orthodox Jewish family. He immigrated to Canada in 1974. His articles and essays have been published in both Israel and North America.

“The State of Israel; Its Friends and Enemies. Prophetic Future” stands out as an all-inclusive, tell-all about Israel, from ancient times through the present day. It discusses succinctly its many subjects. Included are both Jewish and non-Jewish scholarship and the pros and cons of varying viewpoints. Prophecies are explored through Biblical commentary, rabbinic literature, renown sages, and modern-day geopolitics.

The book takes the reader through such rarely explored topics as the Talmudic ‘Three Oaths’, the anti-Israel Jewish Neturei Karta group, the Zionist movement, the war of Gog and Magog, the Middle East peace process, the Messiah and the Messianic Age, God’s redemptive process, the afterlife, the World to Come, and more.

This book clearly illustrates God’s rulership over the world,” said Zephyr. “Israel is always the center player in world history because that is the Divine plan.”     

Zephyr continued to share with Breaking Israel News the importance of exposing the truth about the Palestinians and what the future holds for nations who go against God’s Holy Land and its chosen people. “Those who stand against Israel, stand against God,” he said. “The world needs to know that Israel (Judah and the Ten Tribes) are God’s chosen people and ‘the apple of God’s eye’. Nations, be warned. The way that you deal with Israel is how the Almighty will deal with you.”

The author is clearly passionate about Israel and the Bible, sharing information with  eloquence and conviction. “It is very hard to understand what Israel has withstood from the beginning of time until today without accepting and respecting the Hebrew Bible,” he told Breaking Israel News. “The fact that ancient prophecies are being fulfilled in our times is enough to make one tremble. I discuss many of these miracles in my book.”

Zephyr would like the nations of the world to know that Israel cannot be destroyed. “No weapon formed against Israel will succeed,” he warned. “Every tongue that is raised to condemn Israel will be silenced in shame. This is the word of God. The enemy Arab-Muslim nations such as Iran, Syria, Somalia, Ethiopia and its terrorists organization such as Hamas, Isis, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and many others should listen to the Almighty God’s warnings before it is too late.”

Alexander Zephyr blogs for Breaking Israel News. To read some of his work, click here.

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