Mystical Rabbi Receives Heavenly Message Revealing Two Commandments to Bring Messiah

June 9, 2016

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Last week, Rabbi Amram Vaknin of Ashdod, Israel, who has become well-known for receiving spiritual messages from Heaven, was given a strong warning for the Jewish people.

Rabbi Amram Vaknin (Photo: Adam Alioa)
Rabbi Amram Vaknin (Photo: Adam Alioa)

Rabbi Vaknin routinely prays for the safety and security of the Jewish people with a group of his followers in holy places throughout Israel. Last week’s prayer gathering, the thirty-first the group has undertaken, was held at the cave of Elijah the Prophet in Haifa in northern Israel.

Gil Nachman, Rabbi Vaknin’s English spokesperson, described the rabbi “screaming to Eliyahu haNavi (Elijah the prophet) to ask Hashem (God) to have mercy on the Jewish people.

“After we finished our prayers, we were on our way out. The Rav (Rabbi) said, ‘There’s somebody calling me.’”

After being called back by voices from Heaven, Nachman told Breaking Israel News that it looked as if Rabbi Vaknin was speaking the way people speak face-to-face. Only the rabbi was able to see and interact with what Nachman confirmed were three voices.

Rabbi Vaknin was told that the fact that people are getting stabbed and dying is connected to a harsh decree from Heaven, intended to arouse the entire Jewish people to teshuva (repentance). This call for teshuva is echoed by many other rabbis who speak about the arrival of Moshiach (Messiah).

According to what Rabbi Vaknin was told, there are two particular mitzvot (Biblical commandments) on which the Jewish people must concentrate their efforts. One is kibud av v’em (honoring one’s mother and father).

Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which Hashem thy God giveth thee. (Exodus 20:11)

The other mitzvah which the Jewish people are warned to keep are the laws of family purity. These laws are based on Chapter 15 of the Book of Leviticus, which explains that a husband and a wife are not permitted to have sexual relations during a woman’s menstrual period.

Although these two mitzvot were singled out in the message Rabbi Vaknin received, Nachman emphasized that everyone, “from the leaders to the middle to the lowest” among the Jewish people, must repent for the sins they do in private as well as in public.

“If we’re not going to do real teshuva, there’s not going to be Moshiach. You can ask for Moshiach all you want, but he’s not going to come until everyone does teshuva. Without real teshuva, we’re just going to suffer and suffer and there is just going to be more blood spilled,” Nachman strongly cautioned Breaking Israel News.

However, he softened the message by adding, “If Hashem sees that you’re going to open a little bit, Hashem reads the heart and He knows how [human hearts] work, then He’s going to start giving us yeshuot (salvations).”

Nachman concluded by adding, “The Rabbi has a very important future message to deliver to the Jews and the world from shamayim (Heaven). They (the three voices) told him, but he cannot say what it is [yet]. He can’t speak about it. The time to say it will be very soon.”

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