Online Distance Learning Brings the Land of Israel, Jewish People Into Your Home

May 29, 2016

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Online distance learning has changed the way in which people can access quality educational experiences.

Presently, about 87 percent of institutions for higher education offer degrees entirely through online studies. According to the Instructional Technology Council, which is affiliated with the American Association of Community Colleges, 94 percent of administrators surveyed said online courses are equivalent or superior to face-to-face courses.

According to a report published by the Babson Survey Research Group in 2013, over 6.7 million postsecondary students were enrolled in at least one online course. The survey found that online studies had many advantages including schedule flexibility, easy accessibility, greater connection to the teacher, more comfort for students to speak openly, and cost effectiveness including the elimination of travel expenses.

Recognizing the potential of this platform to bring fascinating information about Judaism, the ancient Land of Israel, and the modern State of Israel to interested learners, a group of dedicated teachers living in the Holy Land have initiated a series called “Land of Israel Online Courses”.

“Every day, we experience in the news and on social media more and more misinformation and even false information about Israel and the Jewish people,” expressed Rabbi Joel Cohn, co-director of the Land of Israel Online Courses to Breaking Israel News. “We feel an urgency to help set the record straight on so many contemporary topics affecting the Middle East and religious communities throughout the world.”

The program, previously offered only to schools, churches and organizations, has been revamped to provide the opportunity for individual learners to delve into these interesting, yet often confusing, subjects. Initial course offerings include “The Modern Fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Prophecies in the Holy Land”, “Exploring Biblical Archaeology”, “Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict”, and “Holocaust Reflections”.  

“There are numerous benefits to online learning,” explained Rabbi Cohn. “The one-off ‘crash courses’ that we are presently offering are easily accessible to anyone with internet access, for a minimal fee, and from anywhere in the world via our user friendly interactive eLearning and web-conferencing platforms.”

Land of Israel Online Courses have made every effort to streamline the online access of their courses. Their easy-to-use technology encourages participants to interact with the instructors as well as other students, believing that this dynamic experience will enhance their understanding so that they can make informed decisions about Middle Eastern politics and help spread Biblical and historical truths throughout the world.

With the programs originating from Jerusalem and containing the spirit of Israel, the Land of Israel Online Courses provide an authentic experience of Israel, the Middle East, and Judaism.

“We maintain an open and non-judgmental atmosphere for discussing issues regarding the history of the Middle East, contemporary Israel, Jewish tradition and culture, and the holocaust,” said Rabbi Cohn to Breaking Israel News. “In just two clicks of a computer mouse, participants from all over the world can become part of a rich learning community, and be empowered by the exciting knowledge they have gained.”

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