Hezbollah Celebrates By Announcing Tunnels Into Israel From Lebanon

May 27, 2016

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Hezbollah celebrated “Liberation Day”, the 16th anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon, on Wednesday by announcing it is digging tunnels into Israel to prepare for the next offensive.

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) revealed that the Lebanese paper Al-Safir published an article describing the deployment of the Hezbollah along the border with Israel, including tunnels that are being dug to cross over the border. Hezbollah claims in the article that they taught Hamas how to make and use tunnels.

“It is right to say that the men of resistance on the eastern border complement the mission of the first men of resistance, who work day and night  (along the border)…conducting observations, preparing, and digging tunnels that cause the settlers and enemy soldiers to lose sleep,” Al-Safir said.

Hezbollah has suffered heavy losses in its efforts to support Syrian President, Bashar Al- Assad, which it claimed in the article is an even greater challenge than its fight against Israel, “Because the price thus far paid by Hezbollah in this war – both in capabilities and casualties – is unprecedented, and no solution in Syria is on the horizon”.

Hezbollah claimed to be succeeding in its efforts.

“The balance of terror, is an equation that has turned South Lebanon into the most secure region in the entire Middle East. Though we must not ignore other factors, no less important, [that contribute to this security], including (UN) Resolution 1701…”

Last year, Al-Safir published an article with photos of what they claimed was an extensive underground network of tunnels for Hezbollah to store and deploy its more than 100,000 short-range rockets intended for Israel. Israel encountered tunnels in the 2006 war in Lebanon, but according to the article by the pro-Hezbollah news source, the tunnels have been vastly improved and “quality-wise, they are on par with the metro tunnels in the major European cities.”

Hezbollah is supported by Syria and Iran, which provide it with cash and missiles. Iran provides Hezbollah with at least $200 million in aid annually. Iran continues to conduct ICBM missile tests in contravention to its agreements with the UN and America.

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