New Video Presents Biblical Evidence Nibiru Will “Cleanse the World”

May 9, 2016

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According to filmmaker and Jewish lecturer Yuval Ovadia, “God did not create the world in order for us to have fun, to travel, to get entertained. This is not His goal. The world was created in order to worship Hashem (God), to fulfill all the mitzvot (commandments) given to us on Mount Sinai.”

Yet, we live in a world increasingly overwhelmed with material excess and immorality.

In a newly released video, dubbed from its original Hebrew into English, Ovadia asserts that the final test for humanity is whether we will choose materialism or spirituality. Those who cannot release the hold that materialism has on them will be destroyed, according to the prophecy in Zechariah.

And it shall come to pass that in all the land saith the LORD two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. Zechariah 13:8

Likening the moral standing of the world today to how things were in the time of Noah before the flood, Ovadia states that the world today is saturated with “immodesty, immorality, debauchery, nasty desires. Our world must be cleaned, no matter what.”

According to Ovadia, the Talmud (Judaism’s central text of rabbinic law and lore) states that God caused the great flood in the time of Noah by moving one star. Following up on the idea that God controls nature, a major segment of the video is devoted to presenting what could be called “The Case For Nibiru.”

Nibiru is also known as Planet X, Planet Nine and Nemesis. It has been called a planet, a comet, a star, a red dwarf star, and a second sun that is a companion star to our sun. Breaking Israel News has reported extensively on rabbinical warnings on the potential threat represented by Nibiru.

Ovadia translates extensive Biblical passages, from the Books of Isaiah, Joel and Zechariah and from the Zohar (the central text of mystical Judaism) that support the idea that the earth will be thrown into chaos at the End of Days.

He takes the evidence for Nibiru one step further, calling it the tool by which God will cleanse the world of its current level of degradation: “So this Planet X was sent to prepare the world [for] the world of Moshiach. To clean up the world from all of the impurity.”

In the final minutes of the 49-minute video, Ovadia advises his audience that faith in God is what will separate the people who survive from those who don’t.

“Any human being on earth, whether a Jew or not, who will choose a spiritual life, and will call out to be saved by the Almighty, Blessed be He, the God who created the whole world, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Just call up to Him directly. Ask Him to help you, to save you and your family. Any such a person would be saved, whether he lives in Israel or abroad. Whether he is a Jew or not. This will be the final selection.

“If you put your trust only in Hashem, in God and no one else, not even in the King Moshiach (Messiah). The Moshiach himself is just a servant of God… So we need to call out to Hashem to save us. To put our trust just in Him. And try as much as we can to detach ourselves from the material, corrupted world that we’re living. This is our ticket to the world of Moshiach and to the eternal life that will come right after that.”

Yuval Ovadia (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)
Yuval Ovadia (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Speaking to Breaking Israel News, Ovadia addressed the question of why so many people, even religious Jews, have a hard time accepting that Nibiru is real. First he spoke about the effectiveness of NASA’s efforts to hide the truth for the past 30 years. “Plus, every time you confront a person with something that he is not used to, or something which is a big surprise to him, that might shake up his ground, making him feel unsafe, his first reaction would be ‘it’s all nonsense’. This is a normal reaction.

“It takes a lot of time and effort for a person to check out all the information regarding this matter, until he has a clear view, and only then he could be sure if it is nonsense or maybe it is true.”

Asked if there is anything the Jewish people can do to avoid the disastrous effects of Nibiru, Ovadia told Breaking Israel News, “Any Jew that makes a teshuva (repents and comes closer to God), even a small teshuva, anything he takes upon himself, to do more chessed (acts of kindness), more tzniut (modesty in dress, speech and behavior), more kedusha (holiness), anything he or she does, it sweetens the judgment of Hashem, and it can save not only many Jews but also many people of other nations.

“The Jew has a lot of responsibility over the whole creation. Our goal is definitely to have the Mashiach come as easy as possible, while saving as many people as we could, Jews and non-Jews as well.

“All the signs of Planet X are definitely another one of Hashem’s warnings, in order to try and get us more and more spiritual, so that the Judgment would be sweetened as much as possible.”

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