Selling Out Your Friends

April 6, 2016

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Jim Fletcher

For a long time (officially, since 1948), the world has offered the Jewish state to totalitarians, if said totalitarians leave them alone.

The French, the British, the U.S. State Department, and now the European Union have routinely placed Israel in a perilous spot, if it would appease the Arabs.

Astonishingly, this week Syria—Syria!—admonished Israel in the U.N. Security Council for its treatment of the Druze on the Golan Heights! This on the heels of Obama’s taking in a baseball game in Communist Cuba while Brussels burns and…released Gitmo terrorists have murdered Americans.BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x250(1)

The outrage has reached historic levels. Our government not only no longer protects us, but puts each of us in peril. Likewise, the Obama administration has sold-out Israel diplomatically. The international community is following that lead.

Caroline Glick recently wrote:

“Europe’s funding of anti-Israel campaigns like its bankrolling of the PA does not make the EU incompetent to deal with the jihadist forces that are presently assaulting its member nations and citizens. But it is true that there seems to be a direct correlation between hostility to Israel and inability to competently fight jihadists. And this makes sense. If you believe that Israel is the cause of the pathologies of the Islamic world, then you will likely be blind to the nature of the jihadist threat and the danger it poses to your nation.”

It is clear that Europe does not know how to fight the jihadists in the arena. Decades of offering Israel’s head on the block has resulted in…Europeans being murdered by the same jihadist mindset Europe wanted to appease.

Appeasement is an abysmal failure. Always.

I am old enough to remember the gas lines from the 1973 oil embargo, our “punishment” from the Arab world for supporting Israel in the Yom Kippur War—which was designed to help Syria and Egypt liquidate Israel! Our State Department has been manned by Arabists (those loyal to the Arab world, at the expense of Israel), and if jihadists were today able to do to us what they are doing in Europe, they certainly would.

Barack Obama wants that scenario in this country. There is no other explanation for his seemingly insane policies of helping jihad and handicapping America. There is no other explanation.

Now, his protégé in Canada, Justin Trudeau, is echoing the same insane rhetoric.

As it seems the last glimmer of rationality is leaving our planet, thankfully there is still some wisdom; Glick is such a voice:

“Following the ISIS strikes in Brussels, both Israeli and American security experts spoke bitterly of the ineptitude of Belgian security services. It is not that the forces themselves are incompetent. Rather, the experts said, their political leadership refuses to allow them to take the actions necessary to protect their country.

“The Belgians, like their European brethren generally, refuse to deal with jihad. Rather than acknowledge and deal forthrightly with the phenomenon, they seek every possible excuse to ignore it.

“According to senior government officials, the Belgians are among the most vociferous foes of Israel in the EU. Europe’s obsessive castigation of Israel is a central aspect of their jihad avoidance strategy. If Israel is to blame for everything, then they can save themselves by pouring billions of euros on the PA and by funding Israeli anti-Zionist subversives.

“This position is of course irrational. In clinging to it, the Europeans have enabled the jihadist forces arrayed against them to gather and grow.”


My dear friend, Dr. Alex Grobman (who partners with me in our “Israel in the International Community” seminars), has a term to describe this: reversal of culpability.

In other words, the victim becomes the villain. If Europe is confronted with demons in its midst, Europe blames…Israel. They are reversing the blame.

It has never worked, and now Europe and other global communities are beginning to realize the horrifying truth: jihad wants to kill everyone.

Selling out your friends always fails.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Rapture Ready

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