Former Chief of Israeli Secret Service Blames Netanyahu for Current Terror Wave

March 20, 2016

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In a recent interview, Yuval Diskin, former head of Israel’s Internal Secret Service (Shin Bet), blamed the wave of violence plaguing Israel on the hopelessness of the Palestinian condition.

Diskin resolved that the only solution is the creation of a Palestinian state.

In a weekend interview with Channel 2, Diskin blamed the situation on the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We need a change in atmosphere. The lack of hope is the main cause of terror, and you can see this among the Palestinian youth. They do not see a future for themselves,” he explained. “In order to change this reality we need to make courageous changes in our policy. We must lead the process, and the one to do that must be the prime minister.”

Diskin claimed to have known the situation would explode.

“What’s happening on the ground at the moment is not surprising,” he told Channel 2. “For years, I’ve taken notice of these developments that are only widening and gaining momentum, including the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of frustrated, embittered, and incited young people on the Palestinian side.”

The former chief suggested a solution to the problem. “In order to change the atmosphere that creates this wave of terrorism, there needs to be moves made that generate hope,” he said.

This is not a new position for Diskin to take. He has frequently been critical of Netanyahu, most notably before the elections in 2013. In an interview with Der Spiegel  during the 2014 war in Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge, he claimed Netanyahu is, “not a true leader”. He blamed the Prime Minister for being “messianic” and garnering “political profit” by choosing to focus on the Iranian nuclear issue, rather than mediating a Palestinian state.

Diskin has long been a vocal advocate for the creation of a Palestinian state. In an article he wrote for Tablet Magazine in September, he claimed the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria had already broken off from the State of Israel, creating a separate country established by a “Religious Zionist Elite” with borders delineated by the fence intended to prevent Arab terror.

“The two-state solution is becoming true for the Jews: The State of Judea is being built de facto side by side with the State of Israel. These are two nations whose differences are eclipsing their commonalities, a condition that is growing irreversible,” he wrote.

He referred to settlers of Judea and Samaria as “anarchic, anti-authoritarian ideologies that are violent and racist…and messianic”. He said, “there are dozens who each day apply some level of violence or terrorism against the persons or possessions of Palestinians” who would “be willing, without hesitation, to apply violence and terrorism against their Jewish brethren should their idea of the sanctity of the land ever be put to the test”.

Despite having a long and illustrious career serving Israel, Diskin’s meanderings into politics is reminiscent of Abner, Saul’s cousin and general. Abner was an exemplary general but his meddlings in politics were catastrophic and led to his demise. He chose to support Ish-Boshet over David, but due to his political misjudgement, Abner was assassinated by Joab.

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