Israel’s “Underground Iron Dome” Fights Gaza Tunnels

March 15, 2016

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IDF soldiers seen standing next to the entrance of a Hamas terror tunnel where motorcycles and weapons were uncovered. (Photo: IDF)

Employing similar tactics to their terrorist counterparts, IDF forces have reportedly been working with America on building specialized tunnels to dismantle those of Hamas.

Foreign Policy reported last week that Israeli engineers are working endlessly to develop what they are calling the “Underground Iron Dome,” according to intelligence officials.

According to Israeli news agency Yisrael Hayom, Israel’s tunnels are equipped with seismic sensors that can monitor underground vibrations. These specialized sensors will make it easier for the IDF to efficiently destroy Hamas tunnels thereby protecting Israeli civilians from surprise attacks in which people are killed and soldiers abducted.

The Israeli government has spent over $250 million since 2004 on this project and the US in 2016 designated $40 million for the project, Foreign Policy reported.

Christopher Sherwood, US Defense Department spokesman, explained to Foreign Policy that the ultimate aim of this operation is “to establish anti-tunnel capabilities to detect, map, and neutralize underground tunnels that threaten the US or Israel.”   

The tremendous venture requires the most advanced technological developers behind it. The companies involved in the joint tunnel project, therefore, are the same as those that developed the technology used in the Iron Dome batteries, which take out rockets directed at Israel from Gaza and Lebanon. Hence, Israel’s current tunnel project has been nicknamed the “Underground Iron Dome”.

No further details about the project were available out of concern that the very classified information could be leaked to Hamas, who would undoubtedly use the opportunity to undermine Israel’s efforts.

The current initiative on Israel’s part against her enemies is discussed in Deuteronomy when it discusses the proper methods of how to initiate war. The Bible teaches, “And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it.” (Deuteronomy 20:12).

The digging of the “Underground Iron Dome” could be connected to the half dozen Hamas tunnel collapses which have occurred over the the past few months. When asked by the Palestinian Maan News Agency if Israel’s project caused the acceleration in Hamas tunnel collapses, IDF Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai responded enigmatically, saying only, “God knows”.

The collapses have killed nearly two dozen Hamas diggers, frightening more militants away continuing their terrorist efforts. In fear that their entire tunnel network may be collapsing, Hamas this week sent a delegation to Egypt pleading with Egyptian intelligence authorities to cease pumping salt water into the land above the tunnels, an additional cause of the collapses.

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