Refugee “Women and Children”: Some Are Working for ISIS

March 16, 2016

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Raymond Ibrahim

I recently called a relative in the USA to get her view of the current republican and democratic primaries.  Our conversation quickly turned to Islam and its existential threat to the free world and I was happy to see that she clearly understands the dangers posed by the so-called “religion of peace”.  When I asked about her neighbors thoughts on Obama’s plan to bring in more Muslim refugees from Syria into the USA, she answered that most people she knew were against the idea, but that there was still a substantial number of individuals that agreed with the President.  She said that they pitied the poor women and children they saw on our major news networks and fell for Obama’s narrative that those women and children are no more a danger to our lives than ordinary tourists.

Sadly, those people are being very naïve regarding the dangers Muslim women and children can pose to our families and communities. If the example of the San Bernardino massacre is not enough to demonstrate that Muslim women can be as effective in killing innocent people as any Muslim man, maybe the recent events in Libya will help them get a better grip on reality.BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x250(1)

Since the February US bombing of ISIS positions in the western Libyan city of Sabratha, the surrounding Islamic militias (who also have no love lost for non-Muslims) have launched numerous attacks on ISIS positions in the city and the surrounding areas killing and capturing dozens of terrorists. To the consternation of the anti-ISIS militias, several women were armed and fighting on the same side as the Islamic State.  When the fighting was over, a few women terrorists were captured with another three killed in action. One of those killed was suspected of being a SNIPER for the terrorist organization.

Besides the enlistment of women terrorists into their rows, the Libyan branch of ISIS is also actively recruiting children.  Last December, the Islamic State proudly celebrated the graduation of 85 kids, known as “Caliphate Cubs”, into their ranks.  According to an ISIS statement, the children’s ages range from six to sixteen years and they were trained for suicide attacks, arms shooting and the set up of booby traps.

With these facts in mind, Americans need to drop Obama’s narrative that those women and children are no more a danger to our lives than ordinary tourists.  With the number of Muslims from Islamic State controlled areas entering the USA, it is only a question of time before a “Caliphate Cub” blows himself up with his American classmates or that a Muslim woman shoots up a daycare center filled with infants.  Every American needs to wake to the dangers of Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement program before it is too late.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Raymond Ibrahim

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