Five Hamas Operatives Trapped in Latest Gazan Terror Tunnel Collapse

March 1, 2016

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A new tunnel detection system built by an Israeli defense firm will be deployed along the border with Gaza to detect terror tunnels being built by Gaza terrorists.

Another tunnel collapse in the Gaza Strip has left five Hamas operatives trapped, their conditions unknown, Israel Hayom reported Monday.

Citing Palestinian media outlets, the Israeli news source noted the collapse took place Sunday, leaving five members of Hamas’s Izzedine al-Qassam military wing in the tunnel east of Zeitoun. Search and rescue teams were seeking the men.

This is only the latest of several tunnel cave-ins in the past few weeks. On January 28, seven Hamas terrorists were killed when heavy rains collapsed a tunnel near the Gaza border. It took two days for Hamas to locate the bodies.

At the time, the terror group issued a statement saying, “The mujahedeen martyrs were repairing an old tunnel, from which a number of operations were executed in the [2014] war.”

Early in February, three other terrorists were killed in two additional tunnels.

The destruction of Hamas’s terror tunnel network was one of the stated goals of 2014’s Operation Protective Edge. Since then, the Israel Defense Force has been working to develop new methods of detecting and combating the tunnels, many of which have been dug under the border with Israel for the express purpose of carrying out terror attacks and kidnappings.

Egypt, as well, has been working to shut down the tunnels by flooding them with salt water.

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