[BLOG] The BibleInteract Institute: Understanding the Hebrew Scriptures

February 25, 2016

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The BibleInteract Institute is a growing educational organization which teaches and promotes a Hebraic interpretation and understanding of Scripture. The Institute began as an online discussion forum monitored by Dr. Anne Davis and Dr. Diana Dye. Dr. Davis has conducted intense personal research into the forms and practices of Scripture study and learning from the time of the 1st Century CE and how these ancient methods are critical to a proper and fuller understanding of the Torah and writings.

Our Role: Teachers, not preachers.

Its formal declaration of being “trans-denominational,” scholars, authors, and students from many denominations as well as Jews are included in the fellowship of study. Restoring the study methods of the discipling traditions and synagogue is a critical method of in-depth study of Scripture from a Hebrew perspective and a recovery of the forms and practices of study that have endured the tests of time.

Using technology to connect scholars, archaeologists and students.

BibleInteract has grown in a time of rapidly developing technology and has employed the internet to expand its reach. Its Facebook page has audiences in Pakistan, India, several African nations, and in places where Bible study is very localized and limited by resources. By expanding the scholarly resources available to students, BibleInteract has enabled those seeking a full and deeper understanding of the Hebrew Bible to utilize authoritative sources for their study. Bible Learning University offers degree courses that enable students to achieve degrees from Bachelors to PhD, as well as become certified Bible study teachers of Hebraic Scripture. Because of modern technology, students in all nations can learn and collaborate in online specialized study. Before now, institutions offering these courses of study were few in number. The school collaborates with Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, NM and the University is well known for its archaeology department which is currently excavating the likely site of Sodom and the Cities of The Plain.

Moving people back to a Hebraic understanding through language.

Hebrew and Greek Lessons are also offered. Dr. Davis learned Hebrew in the “immersion process” which accompanied the arrival of Jews from Russia in the 1990’s.Many of the relationships she developed in Israel grew into the success of today’s BibleInteract network of online classes, a Roku Channel and Bibleinteract.tv. Internet TV has grown from its first stages marked by failures due to slow download and bandwidth to a rapidly growing and soon to be dominating format. The personal device, smartphone, tablet, and other tools have made the ability to place Hebraic worldview materials in the hands of all who seek them.

The recent appointment of Dr. Rik Wadge as Executive Director and the new Roku Channel with several direct from Israel programs has solidified the opportunity to connect Israel, Hebraic learning and a world desperately seeking answers to the chaos and turmoil in the world situation today. Partnering with knowledgeable representatives of academic, religious and public institutions, BibleInteract Institute is striving to educate and lead a world that needs answers and truth.

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