Is Nibiru Coming and Bringing Messiah In Its Wake?

February 22, 2016

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When Breaking Israel News first reported on an apocalyptic scenario involving a mysterious star or planet whose tail is expected to result in extensive damage to Earth’s land masses and death to millions, the story was met with plenty of skepticism.

Since then, however, the connection between the planet Nibiru – also known as Planet X – and End of Days has been discussed with increasingly seriousness by a wide range of Jewish scholars.

To date, the biggest name associated with this story is Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, a very prominent rabbi in Jerusalem. Although he did not verify an apocalyptic scenario, he did tell his student, Rabbi Daniel Travis, that there are big changes coming to the world. He also explained that the appearance of a star at the End of Days is plainly spoken of in the Zohar, Judaism’s primary mystical text.

A translation of Rabbi Sternbuch’s Zohar reference is available on a new blog Tracking Nibiru, maintained by the End of Days blogger Tomer Devorah. Excerpts from the relevant passage read:

At that time Melech Hamoshiach (Messiah the King) will awaken and go out from Gan Eden (Garden of Eden), from the place called Kan Tzippor, and will be revealed in the Galil (Galilee)…. A star will arise from the East side, flaming with all colors, and seven other stars will go around this star and make a war with it on all sides three times a day for 70 days, and all the people of the world will see.

In a video filmed on February 14, Travis recounts his conversation with Sternbuch and translates the extended passage from the Zohar. Although sections of the passage are obscure, Travis said, “We should at least know that we’re not in simple times. We see many of the signs of Moshiach (Messiah) already happened.”

Continuing with his commentary on the passage, Travis teaches that the person who is alive in the time of the Messiah is both to be pitied and envied. “Hashem (God) is going to look at the world at the time when Moshiach is supposed to come and see that nobody is worthy. He’s going to have to bring tremendous yissurim (trials) onto the world in order that Moshiach should come.”

Travis continues translating the passage from the Zohar. “It’s going to be a test in emunah (faith in God). Happy is the person who is going to be in the time of Moshiach. Whoever holds onto emunah is going to see unbelievable things.”

Travis translates the words of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, 2nd century sage and author of the Zohar. “The task is to remain in emunah during this time. We’re going to see things happening that we don’t have any way of understanding. It’s going to be things that are beyond belief. It’s going to make the Exodus from Egypt look like nothing. Every day it’s going to be worse and we’re going to forget what it was like the day before. Whoever has emunah at this time will merit to see the end.”

Travis assures his audience that Jerusalem and the Land of Israel will be safe. He quotes a verse from Psalms 126:2. “‘Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing.’ Why will we laugh? It’s going to be a totally different world. Definitely big things are brewing and we have to be ready for that.”

A day later, Bible Codes expert Rabbi Mattiyahu Glazerson released a video about Nibiru. The table used in both videos comes from the Book of Deuteronomy. In this video, Glazerson points out Bible Codes for “threat of a star” which crosses with the Hebrew word shaveet (comet). These Codes are found in close proximity, an indication of the strength of their relationship. Glazerson also found the word Nibiru.

Linking all this to today, Glazerson points out Messiah son of Joseph and Messiah son of David and 5776, the current Hebrew year. Glazerson points to the Code referring to the year after Shemita as one of the signs that Messiah is on the way. Putting the pieces together, Glazerson states, “Everything indicates that great things are going to happen.”

In a second video, Glazerson points out a reference to the month of March and the corresponding Hebrew month of Adar Bet and affirms that this all fits with the passage from the Zohar about the star. In leap years, which occur seven times every 19 years in the Hebrew calendar, an additional month of Adar, called Adar Alef is added. In a leap year, the “regular” month of Adar is referred to as Adar Bet.

A third rabbinic voice to speak openly about Nibiru is Rabbi Yuval Ovadia, a maker of spiritual films. In a radio interview on February 17, Ovadia shared his findings that Planet X was well-known and spoken about openly approximately 40 years ago. He claims to have many newspaper articles about the existence of Nibiru from that time.

“And then,” Ovadia claims, “it went down. NASA put it in a complete silence. They didn’t talk about it. And it was like just out there for [anyone believing] in mysticism and stuff like that, but as far as science, it’s completely vanished, as if it did not exist and even they started to, you know, spread around ‘It’s not true. It’s not there.’”

Nibiru has consistently been debunked by scientists and journalists, most recently in Joel Achenbach’s story in the Washington Post.

The date most frequently associated with Nibiru is March 26, 2016. In a matter of weeks, the entire world will know whether or not Nibiru exists and whether or not it represents a Messianic advancement.

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