Israeli Catholic Church Blames Israel for Ongoing Terror

February 18, 2016

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The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, representative of the Catholic Church in the capital city, blamed Israel on Thursday for the wave of terror plaguing the region since October.

The Patriarchate’s “Commission for Justice and Peace” released the statement. The Commission is part of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries, a panel made up of several Catholic clerics in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, and Cyprus.

The Patriarchate’s remarks slamming its host country amounted to little more than a familiar slew of Palestinian propaganda. The group’s claims referred to Israel’s “siege of the rest of Palestine”; military checkpoints; house demolitions; “and the arbitrary behavior of Israeli soldiers humiliating the Palestinians”, among others.

According to the Patriarchate, these amounted to legitimate reasons for the hundreds of stabbings, car rammings, shootings, and other forms of terror attacks which have been perpetrated by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs over the past five months.

Said the Commission: “Today the situation has become a new intifada in which Palestinians plunge to their death out of despair caused by a life full of frustration, humiliation and insecurity, with no hope at all.”

Not surprisingly, no mention of constant Palestinian incitement to violence was made. The entirety of the blame was placed on Israel and its “siege of Jerusalem and the Judaization of the city.”

This protection by the Catholic Church of the Palestinian “plight” is another example of the prophesied union between Ishmael and Esau against Israel at the End of Days. Most recently, Pope Francis met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and noted that they share “common” values.

Blatantly neglecting the unavoidable rampage of incitement to murder Israelis on social media channels, the Commission said, “There is enough space in the land for us all. Let all have the same dignity and equality. No occupation and no discrimination. Two peoples living together and loving each other according to the way they choose. They are able to love each other and to make peace together.”

Said Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan in response to these false claims “During the history of the last 150 years it has been proved that the Arabs don’t need excuses to commit violence against the Jews,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

“With all due respect to the Latin Patriarchate, it should not simply repeat Palestinian propaganda,” Dahan added.

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