As Fierce Presidential Campaign Continues, Rubio, Cruz Duke it Out Over Israel

February 18, 2016

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After Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz spoke about his intentions to establish greater military cooperation with Israel on Tuesday, rival Senator Marco Rubio released a memo accusing Cruz of lying about his support of the Jewish State.

In his speech, made from the USS Yorktown in South Carolina at a campaign event, Cruz called for a rebuilding of the US military and increased partnership with Israel on military defense programs for intercepting short, medium and long-range missiles. The most well-known Israeli missile defense system is the Iron Dome, an incredibly successful military technology which has been snatched up by militaries worldwide.

The Jewish Insider reported that Cruz also called for greater cooperation with the Jordanian and Egyptian militaries, in addition to the IDF, and for collaboration between the four nations to fight the war on terror.

However, Marco Rubio quickly cast doubts on Cruz’s commitment to supporting Israel, accusing him of lying about his past record on questions of national security. Rubio’s campaign distributed a memo which pointed out that in 2013, Cruz had signed a budget proposal which slashed defense spending and aid to Israel.

Cruz also voted against the Annual National Defense Authorization Act while serving in the Senate. The comprehensive defense bill helps to fund Israeli military programs like the Iron Dome.

Rubio spokesman Joe Pounder said in a statement, “Senator Cruz will say or do anything to win an election including lying to cover-up his own weak record on national security.”

“Senator Cruz is the only candidate in this race who has consistently sided against our military and intelligence professionals and whose foreign policy vision changes with his poll numbers,” he added.

Cruz and Rubio, both Bible believers, have strived to embody Genesis 12:3, blessing Israel through political, military, and spiritual support. Cruz, an Evangelical Christian, has made his strong ties to Israel a key part of his platform, and Rubio has called for the US to give “unconditional support” to the holy land.

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