New Israeli App Set To Change The Way We Communicate

February 16, 2016

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Israeli developers have recently launched a new application called MyState enabling users to save time and effort when contacting friends or business associates by providing information in real time about the person being contacted.

The application was founded in 2014 in Bnei Brak by Assaf Pney-El (36) and a partner with the intent of easing the difficulty involved in business operations such as contacting customers and exacting payments.

“We would spend all day trying to reach clients on the phone. I had to constantly remind myself to call someone five minutes later or set alarm clocks and then the clients were still often on another call. Sometimes it would take two days to reach someone and then they would try to get back to us and we would be on another call,” Pney-El told Tazpit Press Service (TPS).

MyState allows users to view their contact list and see the contact’s battery status, whether or not the contact is on another call, the contact’s time zone, and whether the contact’s phone is on silent mode.

“If a phone is on silent mode, then the chances are that the contact won’t hear you even if you call 10 times. If his battery is low, then chances are he doesn’t want you to call him and you can see why,” Pney-El said.

The application also contains a feature called “crunch” which provides a notification to a caller when the contact has become available in order to avoid unnecessary call attempts. Alternatively, users may inform contacts of their unavailability in advance by setting color indications or sharing short notes such as “in a meeting until 4:30 PM.”

Pney-El rejected the notion that MyState would invade people’s privacy. “Privacy is very important so you can choose who you share with and what you share with them. If you don’t want someone to see your status, you can disable his ability to see you on the application altogether,” he told TPS.

Pney-El and his team raised $6.5 million in an aggressive fundraising campaign prior to the launch of the application. After being launched just two weeks ago, MyState has already been covered by thirty different publications and is rapidly growing in Israel, the United States, England, Russia, Japan, and elsewhere.

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