Hamas Official: Everything Iran Says is a Lie

February 1, 2016

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Iran is not trusted, even by its own allies. Moussa Abu Marzouk, Deputy Chairman of Hamas’s political bureau, has accused Iran of having been lying for years about its support for the organization, claiming no money has reached Gaza since 2009.

According to the Jersualem Post, London-based paper Asharq al-Awsat reported Sunday on a recording of a private conversation between Marzouk and an unknown individual. In the recording, abu Marzouk is heard saying, “the story is not like Iran presents it… The Iranians are masters of diplomatic wordplay. Since 2009, we have not received anything from them and everything they say is a lie, they didn’t contribute anything to us.”

Abu Marzouk goes on to complain that any financial aid offered by Iran has come with strings attached. “Whenever the idea of Iranian financial aid to Hamas rose, Iran conditioned it on Hamas working for the improvement of Iran’s relations with Sudan.”

The drought is not merely financial, but military, as well. Iran, he says, makes a big show of support, but with nothing to show for it. “Every ship caught carrying ammunition since 2011 has been, according to the Iranians, directed at us, in Gaza,” he says, sarcastically. Israel has intercepted a number of ships from Iran in the past few years, but Hamas has consistently denied they were destined for Gaza, where they hold power. Iran has claimed differently.

Abu Marzouk was also critical of Iran’s role in Yemen, where it is supporting the Houthi insurgents. The Hamas member accused, “The Iranians have ruined the country due to their cunning policy there and the way they treated the people.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, recent reports have suggested that Hezbollah is brokering negotiations between Hamas and Iran, conditioned on Hamas support for Iran in Yemen. It is possible that abu Marzouk’s remarks on Iran are intended to pressure the Islamic Republic into increasing its support of Hamas, given that he is expected to meet with senior Iranian representatives in Lebanon in the near future.

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