Netanyahu at War

January 13, 2016

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Jim Fletcher

Most people have no idea the level of propaganda aimed at them each day via media. Assuming a reporter or anchor for the three main networks, or CNN is telling you the truth is, in my view, dangerous.

I was surprised by the number of people I heard from who watched the PBS special, “Netanyahu at War,” which ran under the Frontline banner.

The whole two hours was a propaganda piece that was birthed in the 1997 op-ed piece, “The Year of Hating Bibi.” In those days, Netanyahu’s first premiership, Bill Clinton loathed him, and many of the career losers cashing checks from the State Department are still around, “helping” Barack Obama, in the latest presidential failure to bring peace to Israel and the Palestinians.BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x250(1)

Let me be clear: in my view, the overwhelming and obvious reason there isn’t peace has to do with the radicalization of the Palestinian society. For 25 years — 25 years — the Palestinian Authority/PLO has continued its “armed struggle,” which demands the disappearance of Israel. In that time, Israel has been forced by the West to play ball and pretend that the land-for-peace formula is based in reality.

I have been saying for some time that as Oslo comes more sharply into focus as a colossal failure on every level…the international community will eventually double and triple-down, forcing Israel to accept a Palestinian state. That is the delusion of secular humanists, who at the end of the day check their vaunted intellects at the door in order to promote a fantasy. Why? Because in their heart of hearts, they loathe the same thing the Arabs do: a Jewish state in the Middle East. Even scores of Christians like and tolerate Jews, so long as the latter are either dead or vulnerable.

But I digress.

When I saw that Frontline was using hacks like Martin Indyk, David Axelrod, and Ben Rhodes to psychoanalyze Netanyahu, I knew the jig was up.

If you have some information and knowledge of the situation, and watch the entire two-hour special, you will come away with the view that it is a Soviet-style propaganda piece designed to harm Israel.

If you are everyone else, in a country where a majority voted a Marxist in as president, then you believe Netanyahu is a haunted, insecure egotist who has blocked the Utopian peace for a generation.

Further, the depictions of Obama as a visionary, hopeful guy is stunning. At one point, Axelrod claims that he walked into the Oval Office one day and found the pensive community organizer-in-chief staring out the window.

“What’s on your mind?” Axe gently queried.

Obama answered by saying that he simply didn’t understand all the misreading of his good intentions toward the Jews. He also said* that he believes that of all the presidents, his heart is the most “Jewish.”

(*I simply do not believe this conversation took place. I think it’s made up to advance a narrative that says Obama = Reasonable, Bibi = Crazy.)

Look, we are living in territory no one has ever experienced. The American president lies with astonishing regularity, and public television exports the lie to the masses.

For his part, Netanyahu has already called Indyk a liar. The former diplomat, who took millions from the Saudis, is another of Clinton’s and Obama’s interlocuters who makes things up in order to smear Israel. Indyk has a Ph.D. in international relations and — I say this with a straight face — my sixth-grader niece would do a better job as a diplomat.

She believes in reality.

In “Netanyahu at War,” Indyk recounts an alleged scene at the funeral of slain Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin: according to Indyk, he was standing with Netanyahu, who turned to him and claimed that if Rabin had lived, he’d have been known as a failure, etc.

Netanyahu says the conversation didn’t take place.

Sense a PBS pattern here?

Now, PBS did feature the famous 1972 Sabena hijacking, in which Netanyahu led his counter-terror unit in successfully freeing the hostages. They even noted that Netanyahu charged to the front of the plane in shooting at the terrorists.

But even this heroic action is framed as a trauma event that has turned the Israeli leader into a paranoid, bitter Zionist. A thinking person would conclude that, gee, that Israeli prime minister is a pretty brave guy, especially against our profoundly cowardly president.

Overall, the premise of the special was predictable: a very smart and very compassionate international community has worked tirelessly to bring peace to the oppressed Palestinians, and if it weren’t for those Likud bastards, all would live in paradise.

When documentary producers use Ha’aretz writers like Ari Shavit, and Americans from The New Yorker and The New York Times…truth-telling isn’t the point. Notice that even the title of the documentary, “Netanyahu at War,” portrays him as a warmonger.

I encourage all pro Israel Christians to learn to pay close attention to such pieces, and think critically. Then you’ll see what is really going on.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Rapture Ready

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