“Ad Kan” Promises To Reveal More Disturbing Material on Israeli Left-Wing Groups

January 12, 2016

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The right-wing activists of the Ad Kan group, who secretly recorded radical Israeli leftist Ezra Nawi saying that he helps Palestinian special forces kill Arabs who sell land to Jews, plan to publish further evidence of inhumane activities carried out by left-wing NGOs. Nawi, 63, has long been regarded a prominent human rights activist for the Palestinians.

“The documentary aired last week on Channel 2 is just the beginning. We have more materials on Ezra Nawi, as well as on B’Tselem and other left-wing NGOs,” Ad Kan activist, Liran Weiss told Tazpit Press Service (TPS).

“We are not ready to reveal more details yet, but all the materials we have, will be published within the next several weeks,” said Weiss.

The documentary, which featured footage recorded by right-wing activists posing as leftists who managed to infiltrate left-wing NGOs, was aired on the Israeli television network Channel 2 on an investigative journalism show called Uvda (Fact) last week on January 7.

An Ad Kan activist, who went by the pseudonym “Arik,” managed to win the trust of well-known left-wing radical Ezra Nawi, who is active in the south Hebron Hills and in the organization, Ta’ayush, an Arab and Jewish political activist group.

Nawi confided to the Ad Kan activist that he works to turn in Arabs, who want to sell land to Jews, to the Palestinian Authority security forces. “I give their pictures and phone numbers to the Preventative Security Forces,” he says in footage aired on Uvda.

When asked by “Arik” what the security forces do Palestinian land dealers selling land to Jews, Nawi answers, “they kill them, but first they torture.”

The Palestinian Authority considers selling land to Jews a capital offense that is punishable by death. The documentary also shows an activist from B’Tselem working together with Nawi in his efforts to turn in Palestinian land dealers to the Palestinian Authority.

The documentary drew backlash from Israeli government officials. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on his Facebook page that the report “unmasked radicals among us who are driven by hatred of the settlements to the point of delivering innocents for torture and execution”, and that “those who encourage murder cannot continue to hide behind the pretense of caring for human rights.”

Ad Kan has filed a police complaint against Ezra Nawi, providing all their recordings and findings.

According to Liran Weiss, Ad Kan (Hebrew for “No More”) was officially registered last year, although its activities started earlier. The materials exposing Israeli left-wing organisations were collected over a three-year period.

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