ISIS Suffers Financial Blow as US Airstrikes Destroy Cash Warehouse

January 12, 2016

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In its ongoing effort to rid the world of the threat that is the Islamic State (ISIS), the United States dropped two 2,000 pound bombs on a cash storage facility in the city of Mosul, Iraq on Monday.

According to the Associated Press, a US defense official revealed this particular facility housed “millions” of dollars meant as financial support for the terrorist regime. The funding pays for all ongoing ISIS operations, including its militants, deadly weapons, and propaganda.

The airstrike consequently destroyed all moneys that were held there.

Despite its close proximity to civilians, none were hurt in the bombing. This is due to intense investigation on the part of the United States which watched the site for days, determining when the fewest number of civilians would be in the area.

This is at least the second occasion the United States has bombed ISIS cash piles in its battle against the radical Islamist group. Most efforts are currently concentrated on destroying funding and oil-reserves which allow the militant group to carry out their terrorism.

Since it began its airstrikes in 2014, the US-led coalition has succeeded in pushing back the ISIS threat, recapturing 40 percent of its territory in Iraq and 20 percent in Syria, according to spokesman Colonel Steve Warren.

In addition to airstrikes, the coalition has also trained soldiers in Iraq to recapture territory in both Syria and Iraq. Most recently, the Iraqi city of Ramadi was reclaimed at the end of December. The resistance has their sights set on recapturing the city of Mosul, which they say would be a huge victory and would effectively destroy ISIS’s foundation in the country.

In a recent press conference, Warren confidently told reporters, “The enemy is weaker and on the defensive. They have not gained one inch in Iraq since May.”

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