Abbas: Jews in Judea & Samaria a “Cancer” to be Wiped Out

January 7, 2016

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Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, delivered a speech on Wednesday evening, January 6, which he forewarned was going to be “dramatic.”

According to PA media outlets, Abbas’s speech was meant to be “ an important declaration and an answer to Israel.”

“There should be no talk about the possible collapse of the PA, there will be no such collapse. Don’t even dream of the PA collapsing,” said Abbas during his speech, allegedly referring to a statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week.

On Sunday, January 3, MP Netanyahu was quoted as saying “Israel should be prepared for the collapse of the PA in the near future,” during a cabinet meeting.

In addition to denying the possible chance of the collapse of his government, Abbas attacked the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria calling them “a cancer within us, which will disappear one day, the same as it did in Gaza.”

“Overall, there’s nothing new or dramatic about this speech,” an IDF Intelligence analyst told Tazpit Press Service (TPS). “He gave no new information, proclaimed no new intentions or plans, and just generally recycled his own speeches from the recent past.”

However, others believe Abbas’s speech was problematic. “Calling Jewish communities a cancer is nothing short of incitement to terrorism,” Yigal Dilmoni, the deputy head of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria told TPS.

“Abbas proves again that he is no partner for peace. Local and international terrorists are spurred by the incitement coming out of the PA leadership, they hang to such remarks which lead them to attacks against the Western world,” said Dilmoni.

During his speech, Abbas also commented on the wave of  Palestinian violence and terrorism sweeping Israel the last few months.

However, rather than giving a clear condemnation of the recent deadly stabbings and shootings of Jews by Palestinian attackers, Abbas settled for a general statement. “We are a peaceful nation and we condemn violence and radicalism,” stated Abbas.

But added Abbas, “riots will continue until the occupation ends. Violence and terror will not stop until our problems are solved.’’

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