Christmas Hijacked by Anti-Israel NGO’s to Fuel Hate and Violence

December 24, 2015

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Masquerading behind banners for peace, politicized NGO’s and famous charities are capitalizing on the Christmas season with anti-peace campaigns, many of which glorify terrorism, against Israel.

According to watchdog organization NGO Monitor, these organizations are using holiday and religious themes to demonize Israel, including offensive Christmas carols, religious imagery and inflammatory holiday messages to appeal to their followers and a worldwide audience.

“For almost 15 years political NGO’s have driven a campaign to delegitimize and demonize Israel, using the rhetoric of human rights and international law as a facade to enable their attacks,” explained NGO Monitor spokesman Aaron Kalman to Breaking Israel News. “The strategy, formulated and initiated at the 2001 Durban Conference, calls for economic sanctions and other means to ‘punish’ Israel, and the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement is the result of this strategy.”

Many of these organizations are directly funded by European countries, such as Sabeel, which receives funding from Sweden and the Netherlands. Other well known “peace” organizations, including Adalah-NY, the Amos Trust and Kairos Palestine, abuse Christmas messages as part of a global campaign against Israel.

“Taxpayer money, mostly from Europe but also from the US and Canada, is disbursed as grants to both Protestant and Catholic humanitarian aid organizations,” Kalman told Breaking Israel News. “In turn, these funds are transferred to highly politicized NGO’s involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

The messages of these anti-peace campaigns fail to recognize the deadly terrorist attacks against Israel at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Many of these groups have yet to condemn what has become almost daily car ramming, stabbing and drive by shooting attacks.

In one such instance, pro-Palestinian Al Quds University, which receives funding from the EU’s Partnerships for Peace program, set up a “martyrs tree” in which the Christmas tree was decorated with photos of terrorists who had died while carrying out attacks against Israelis.

Palestinian religious leaders stand next to a Christmas "martyrs tree" at Al Quds University. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)
Palestinian religious leaders stand next to a Christmas “martyrs tree” at Al Quds University. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

The Amos Trust, a UK-based anti-Israel NGO, use their annual Bethlehem Pack, which contains theological teaching used to promote advocacy against Israel, including indoctrination messages for children, to issue political messages of hate against Israel disguised as Christmas teachings.

“Greetings to you this Christmas season from the little town of Bethlehem. This little town, the place where the Prince of Peace was born continues to face daily hardships,” the Amos Trust wrote. “Just this year alone, in the surrounding beautiful villages, hundreds if not thousands of olive trees were burned by illegal Israeli settlers for absolutely no reason but to humiliate and damage the source of livelihood for hundreds of Palestinian families.”

In yet another political message disguised as religion, the Amos Trust wrote, “For peace to come to Palestine and Israel, we must speak out about the injustices faced by Palestinians and support them with our prayers, both at Christmas and throughout the year.”

According to Kalman, the hijacking of faith and religion by these NGO’s are a great cause for concern. “Political NGO’s are hijacking holidays and faiths meant to promote peace and understanding in order to excuse terrorism and create antagonism, even hatred,” he told Breaking Israel News.

“Not only are the actions by these NGO’s morally wrong, but they also push the prospects of peace even further away,” he added.

Kalman explained that while these NGO’s are pushing an anti-Israel agenda, their “problematic initiatives advance anti-Semitic motifs,” he told Breaking Israel News. “At a time when the Vatican is taking historic steps regarding relations with Jews and Israel, it is troubling to see extreme political groups attempting to undermine these important efforts.”

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