Pledging Allegiance to Jihad in the USA

December 22, 2015

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David Rubin

As reported on Fox News, a Muslim Civil Court judge was sworn in this week in New York City using the Koran, the holy book of Islam, as a testament to her radical Islamic belief system.

In the realm of “political correctness”, the Left’s nihilistic value system, Islamic values are okay, not just in the legal system, but in politics as well. According to the Left, the Bible should no longer be the basis of society’s civil principles, but a judge or a politician can now be sworn in on the Koran, a book that calls repeatedly for Jihad – holy war against all non-Muslims. That same judge or politician can now legally swear allegiance to the Islamic ideology that allows wife-beating, abuse of children, and other crimes that would usually be considered aberrations in Western countries.


Many extreme liberal pundits say that there is nothing problematic in this. They insist that it’s just an isolated case of granting equal religious rights to a religious minority. However, such claims are fallacious at best. The sad reality is that the West is being threatened by a dangerous ideology. A society that pledges allegiance to the biblical principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself” cannot live at peace with a society within that calls for Jihad.

“The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount (Sinai)”. (Harry S. Truman, February 15, 1950)

A lot has changed since the days of President Truman when the Judeo-Christian roots of the American nation were still well understood.  In recent years, the Islamic attempts to gain influence in the American political system have been focused not just on the legal system, but on supporting candidates who are supportive of Islam, mainly in the Democratic Party. Several individual politicians have been seeking to work their way through the system, exploiting democracy to advance the tyranny of Islam. One such individual is Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, a convert to Islam, who was elected as the first Islamic Congressman from his home state of Minnesota. Ellison was sworn into his new po‎sition by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Washington Post reported (January 3, 2007) that Ellison would be sworn in, not on a Bible, but on a Koran, that had been owned once by Thomas Jefferson.

This departure from congressional norms raised many an eyebrow. Ellison claimed that Jefferson appreciated the diversity of America and that the Koran was part of that.

“It demonstrates that from the very beginning of our country, we had people who were visionary, who were religiously tolerant, who believed that knowledge and wisdom could be gleamed from any number of sources, including the Koran,” Ellison said in a telephone interview several days before the swearing in.

However, if Jefferson were alive today, he would have told a very different story. Jefferson had bought his Koran in order to learn and understand the Islamic ideology, hence the mentality, of the Barbary pirates, the Islamic terror group that was harassing American traders at sea. Under the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams, the terrorists had been demanding, as well as receiving, many millions of dollars in protection money from the United States government to allow safe passage for American ships.

Upon taking office, President Jefferson put an end to that cynical game, changing course and thereby saving the nation in its infancy. His knowledge of the Koran, which he had read specifically for this purpose (“Know thine enemy”), gave him the background that confirmed for him the nature of the beast. Lacking a navy, he decided to send the Marines to “the shores of Tripoli” to defeat the Barbary Pirates.

Islam is contrary to the values of the free world.  A majority of Americans and Europeans, and even some Israelis seem oblivious to the true jihadist nature of Islam. Until we educate ourselves about that unpleasant truth and start taking action, the creeping Islamic tsunami will continue to infiltrate the legal and political infrastructure of the United States, as well as the rest of the free world, ultimately destroying it from within.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Israel National News

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