Groundbreaking Documentary “Sounds the Alarm” on Christian Genocide Worldwide

December 20, 2015

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In nearly every Islamic country worldwide, religious minorities are being persecuted at unprecedented levels. Hundreds are murdered each day and already thousands have become refugees fleeing from religious persecution. Places of worship have been torched or raised and yet, there is no world outcry.

The Clarion Project, a nonprofit organization founded in 2006, is working to wake up the sleeping masses with a new, groundbreaking film about radical Islam called “Faithkeepers – Sound the Alarm on Christian Genocide.

With the release of their fifth film exposing the dangers of Islamic extremism, Clarion strives to provide a platform for the voices of moderation and encourage grassroots activism.

“This film is about the persecution of minorities in the Middle East. Like Rwanda and Kosovo where millions of people were murdered in cold blood and the world was silent, there is genocide happening against Christians and other minorities in Islamic countries and people are unaware or indifferent to this enormous tragedy,” noted Jeremy Cardash, Clarion’s Director of Marketing, to Breaking Israel News.

Christians and other minorities are presently being expelled, persecuted and annihilated in Islamic countries. In 1915, Christians made up 20 percent of the Middle East population. In 2015, only 5 percent of the Middle East are Christian with the numbers dwindling moment to moment.

“Non-Muslims, such as those who observe the Baha’i, Yazidi and other religions that do not follow Islam, are considered infidels and devil worshippers,” explained Cardash. “The film highlights the plight of minorities through first hand testimonies from those who have managed to escape persecution, what crimes against humanity are actually happening in these countries and what people can do to help.”

Any semblance of non-Islamic religions, such as houses of worship, are systematically being destroyed throughout Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Egypt and nearly every other Islamic country.

In Saudi Arabia, there is no longer a single church standing. The penalty for smuggling Bibles into the country is now death. Even as US President Barack Obama labels Indonesia a “moderate” Muslim country, churches are routinely burned, razed or vandalized there.

“ISIS is destroying all evidence of Christianity along with the murdering of non-Muslims. This is part of Islamic theology,” noted Cardash to Breaking Israel News. “For thousands of years, there were Christian pilgrimages to these countries and their holy sites. Today, even Christian graveyards are being destroyed.”

Paula Kweskin, “Faithkeepers” producer, explained to Breaking Israel News, “Jesus was born in the Middle East and walked these lands. Middle Eastern communities were the first to accept Christianity. It is appalling that ISIS is erasing thousands of years of Christian history in the region with the goal of creating an Islamic world.”

“Genocide is taking place under our watch,” continued Kweskin, who holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights and International Law from the University of North Carolina. “As a Jew from a family of Holocaust survivors, I was raised with the dictate, ‘Never again’. Yet, it is happening again and the world is silent. If we do not do something very soon, it will be too late.”

Doing their part to prevent the “too late” scenario, Clarion has successfully distributed other “must see” films that have proven controversial. “Honor Diaries” discusses the plight of the abuse of women under Islam; “Iranium” highlights Iran’s global support of terrorism and their nuclear program; “The Third Jihad” reveals the dangers of Islam in the US; and “Obsession” details Islam’s goal for world domination. These films have already reached millions of people and received critical acclaim for their quality and importance.

Trailer: “Faithkeepers” the Movie

In order for “Faithkeepers” to be completed and distributed, a Cause Match campaign has been launched to raise $100,000. The campaign, which runs until December 31, has already raised close to $22,000.

“We must be our brother’s keepers,” reflected Kweskin to Breaking Israel News. “How can we ignore religious persecutions happening during our generation? People, and especially women, are raped, tortured, sold as sex slaves and murdered on a daily basis by Islamists. History in the Middle East is being erased.”

Once funding is received and the film completed, there will be a full distribution through Direct TV, Comcast, Netflix, high profile screenings, as well as thousands of showings across the US in churches and other forums. Additionally, human rights organizations and activists use Clarion films for educational programs and awareness campaigns to help mobilize change and educate policymakers.

“Christians have a powerful voice, especially in America. Yet, they are not getting the urgency of this crisis,” explained Kweskin. “The purpose of “Faithkeepers” is to mobilize people to use their power to demand that the US administration do something to stop the genocide and trigger a worldwide movement.”

Kweskin pointed out to Breaking Israel News that refugees fleeing persecution in Iraq are already spending their second Christmas living in tents and without a church to worship. “During the presidential debates, candidates disputed how to fight ISIS and the growing threat throughout the world,” continued Kweskin. “Yet, there was no discussion of human rights violations.”

Through “Faithkeepers” interviews of refugees, it is clear that these people do not want to leave their homeland. They have thousands of years of history in their countries. At this advanced stage of the crisis, it may be critical for countries to take in refugees. However, this is also placing a band-aid on the seriousness of the crisis.

“These people want to stay in their own homes, in their own countries,” said Kweskin. “The persecutions need to be stopped. People need to join this movement and make this tragic situation part of their world view.”

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