WATCH: ISIS Reveals Apocalyptic Plans to Crush Rome, Christianity

December 13, 2015

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The terrorist jihadi group ISIS has released a new propaganda video revealing a chilling apocalyptic vision of the Islamic State’s plans and goals to conquer Rome, Christianity and the world at large.

The Arabic language video is titled “Meeting at Dabiq”, referring to the location of a final battle between the Crusaders – Christians – and the Believers – Muslims.

The video, which runs 15 minutes long, features the high-quality production values now common in ISIS’s carefully curated messages and threats to the world. It shows scenes of militants training for battle and demonstrates ISIS’s advanced military technology, which includes rockets, tanks, and guns.

Heavily armed and masked recruits are shown at target practice, and others are shown learning how to take down armed men with knives and physical combat. There are shots of powerful rockets firing across the desert, and tanks flying the stark black-and-white ISIS flag shooting and advancing aggressively towards the enemy.

The battle for which the fighters are preparing, the video reveals, is a final clash with a city holy to millions of Christians – Rome. First, an ISIS tank is shown advancing towards the desolate ruins of the Coliseum, and then the image switches to St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, indicating that the Christian stronghold is ISIS’s final destination.

The video also shows flags of about 60 countries which ISIS views as enemies, including the US, Britain, France, and Australia.

This clip is the latest in ISIS’s series of propaganda films threatening Europe, America, and the western world.

WATCH: ISIS’s Apocalyptic Vision

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