Israeli Bomb Shelters Can’t Hold a Candle to this Luxurious $17.5 Million Apocalypse Bunker

December 10, 2015

3 min read

With political and religious upheaval slowly spreading across the four corners of the earth, doomsdayer’s and preppers are warning that the End of Days are here.

While some may call these types of folks crazy, today’s lunatic may turn out to be tomorrow’s prophet. It never hurts to be prepared and if you can, why not do so in luxury and style?

Luxury hotel or hardened bunker?

The 1951 civil defense law in Israel requires that all homes, residential buildings and industrial structures have bomb shelters. Israelis have become inured to this particular state of living and take it for granted. Levels of awareness only seem to jump up a few notches whenever there is a threat or an actual attack.

Most shelters do double-duty, serving a more mundane purpose when the rockets are at rest. Older shelters are uncomfortable living spaces and frequently used as utility rooms. Newer structures include safe rooms with windows that serve as home offices or even bedrooms. However, as the threat levels rise and the world’s superpowers vie for position in Syria, the thoughts of many Israelis turn more often to preparing for disaster. Being prepared is always wise, but some prefer to do this in high style.

The market for luxury bunkers is growing rapidly. Though the idea has not yet caught on in Israel, a recent listing for a Southeast Georgia luxury bomb shelter hit the market for $17.5 million. That substantial sum of money will buy you 32 acres of secluded property, a caretaker’s house above, and 14,000 square feet of bomb-proof space below in order to pass the time until the dust settles. Buried 45 feet underground and certified to withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast, the bunker has four apartments appointed like a luxury hotel.

While this bunker offers many basic and luxurious amenities, it is still pretty different than your pre-Apocalypse domestic dwelling. In addition to the obvious shell of blast-proof concrete, air-intake and filtration, independent electric supply, emergency medical and operating room, decontamination showers, water filtration and food storage systems found in “upscale” bunkers, there are many additional luxuries that a person may consider, such as a home theater and exercise room to enjoy your time underground.

The natural insulation makes adding on an extensive wine-cellar a no-brainer. Depending on whether your interests are ecological or urban, you can choose between climate-controlled storage for your art collection, or creating your own climate with hydroponics and underground gardens. The top-of the line bunkers may even include swimming pools (in-ground, of course).

Aside from creating a bunker for the purpose of a living space, many corporate companies and computer aficionados house their computer storage systems deep underground in bunkers that can resist electro-magnetic pulses (EMP).

Bunkers don’t come with a view or beach access, but location is still a concern. Accessibility is a double edged sword. On the one hand, you want to be able to get there in a hurry and slam the blast-doors behind you, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be near a target or neighbors who might come knocking. Re-purposed IBM silos are a favorite, and are therefore in high demand. Many are bought, refitted and sold to multiple buyers as subdivisions.

Driving through the rubble in style

When AM General began selling the Hummer, the civilian version of the military M998 Humvee, in 1992, it opened up a new market. Previously, the concerned executive would purchase a production line vehicle and retrofit it. Some luxury car companies, Mercedes and Rolls Royce for example, produce their own armored version. Retrofitting the vehicles produced inferior results, with less effective armor and added weight, burning out the engine and damaging the body that was not designed or built for the load.

There are now many companies making non-military vehicles designed specifically for commuting through combat zones. Ceramic armor and bullet proof glass are popular options listed alongside leather seats and wood-grain fittings. All are four-wheel drive, and many are six-wheel drive, unstoppable fortresses that meander through disaster in high style.

Stylish clothes to greet Gog and Magog

Being bullet proof used to mean bulky vests that were uncomfortable and ugly. Today, however, technology has advanced, allowing couture to be a consideration. There are now several companies producing tailored clothing that is stylish and can stop a high-caliber round. One company in Bogota, Colombia holds fashion shows in which they shoot live ammunition at the models.

While those who believe that the writing’s on the wall – that the War of Gog and Magog is near – aside from a spiritual preparation, many around the world are taking physical precautions as well. While the more luxurious type of prepping can leave a person with a significantly depleted bank account, can you ever be too safe?

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