Islam – Combination of Politics, Religion and Hate

December 9, 2015

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Earl Cox

Friday the 13th; an infamous day of horror for France with 129 innocent lives taken and hundreds more wounded with many in critical condition. The brutality and terror was egregious as can only be perpetrated by the foremost terror group ISIS although this savagery could conceivably have been perpetrated by any of the many terrorist groups operating openly and clandestinely around the globe.

Following the news release some were clueless and unwilling to speculate on who could have been the perpetrator of such viciousness. But to the rational, sober people of the world their fears were confirmed when ISIS was identified as the attackers; a self-proclaimed Islamist, and therefore Muslim, group. President Obama and his cohorts were (and are) reluctant to use the word “Islamic,” “Muslim,” or “extremist” in the same sentence instead using the terms “they” and “them.” President Obama said, “This is an attack not just on Paris…but this is an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share.” Universal values? This is where I draw a big red line.

While shocking, it’s not surprising that the president would say such a thing. Just last February President Obama said, “Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” This is absolutely not true and is a form of psychological denial. Islam is a combination of politics, religion and hate. It is well documented that America was established on Judeo-Christian values, ethics and morals which espouse honor, integrity, respect for human rights and the Biblical concept of “love thy neighbor.”

Having the preconception the president has in light of his Muslim family history and ties, it’s no wonder Obama shows undeniable bias in not naming a group associated with particular religious leanings that are near to his heart as radicals or terrorists even though Islam is clearly at the very heart of every terror attack. Yet, it’s a clear fact that adherents of Islam have the greatest propensity for committing acts of violence and terror.

There are absolutely no “universal values.” None. But the citizens of the free world find it hard to accept or understand that not everyone in the world is playing by the same set of values and rules. Jews and Christians value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and therefore oppose murder and acts of terror and violence. The “values” embraced by Islamists are definitely not woven into the American fabric. America’s values have never been Islam’s values just as love has never been the same as hate. Therefore, our values are not universal. The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which is the God of the Jews and the Christians says “love your neighbor” while the god of Islam says, “Kill the Jew. Kill the Christian. Death to Israel. Death to America.” Clearly Islamic “values” are not what helped shape and give birth to the United States of America. The “land of the free and the home of the brave” has absolutely nothing in common with people, governments, religions or societies which oppress others and which actively cultivate and promote ideas of hate and cultures of terror. On the surface, sometimes there are no clear lines differentiating various societal values which is why we must look deeper. A lack of understanding leads to confusion and confrontation. When one country meddles in the affairs of another without understanding its culture and values the results are often disastrous. Failed foreign policies and peace negotiations collapse because values are not universal.

This is a time for Christians to stand up and defend America’s values and Israel’s values which are, indeed, shared values in every sense. It’s time for Christians and Jews who embrace freedom and democracy to rally in the great numbers that we truly are in order to let political leaders in America and around the world know that we will not be associated or forced to share or embrace values in which we do not believe. We share nothing in common with evil, wicked, devilish people such as ISIS who are the worst of humanity. I am calling my Christian brothers and sisters around the world to not stand idly by while America, Israel and the free world are being attacked by Islamic terrorists. These evil-minded people have a plan and they are executing that plan to infiltrate and conquer. Muslims are operating within the highest levels of the governments of the free world to include the United States of America and they are infiltrating our society and others around the world from within. Absolutely no good can come of this. Civilized people must preserve, protect and defend the freedoms given to Israel and America by the Almighty

Evangelical Christians must stand up and fight for truth, the absolute truth of the God of Israel – the God of our Bible. We must join our brothers and sisters of Israel to resist the lie of the wicked and evil who dare to touch the ‘apple of God’s eye.’ God has already warned the world of the woes which will come upon those who oppose His chosen people.

It’s really all very clear. Terrorists are attackers of the Almighty God. They directly and indirectly fight against God’s people and oppose God’s order to fulfill their eternal destiny. The Bible warns that the gates of hell are wide open to anyone who comes against Israel and the Jews.

Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Post

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