Build Up Israel Allows Supporters of Israel Around the World to Physically Build Up the Land

December 8, 2015

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An exciting new project aims to allow supporters of Israel around the world to take part in building up the land, literally.

Launched by the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation, Build Up Israel gives people the chance to participate in one or more building projects across Israel. All it takes is a simple click on the organization’s website.

According to the logic behind Build Up Israel, from anywhere in the world you can select a building project in Israel and “send” a brick towards its completion. When a sponsor purchases a brick, they are helping to physically build Israel and, in return, receive a unique certificate in acknowledgement for their efforts.

Gabi Sackett, Director of Build Up Israel, explained to Breaking Israel News that what makes this method of supporting Israel unique is that, years later, a sponsor can actually visit the site where their bricks were laid in helping to build up the land.

“You are not just donating money,” said Sackett, ”but you are literally buying bricks in a building. People can later come to Israel and see the physical building that they built. It gives people a sense of pride, knowing that they are leaving a permanent mark on the country as their money is literally going to build up the country of Israel.”

One particular building project involves working with United Hatzalah, an all volunteer EMS organization that saves thousands of lives in Israel each year. “Many of these buildings that we are involved with are life savings buildings,” Sackett told Breaking Israel News. “They are important projects, such as the new call center for Hatzolah, which receives over 200,000 emergency calls each year.”

By laying the bricks for United Hatzalah’s efforts, Build Up Israel sponsors are not only just helping to build a building, but are taking part in the miracle of saving lives.

In addition to the United Hatzalah call center, Build Up Israel is currently involved in building an IDF combat soldiers’ cultural center for Ultra-Orthodox soldiers; a mikveh (ritual bath) in the town of Eish Kodesh, which is near Shiloh; a medical and rehabilitation center in Sderot; a community and youth activities center in Revava, located near Ariel; a synagogue in Beit Shemesh; a new welcome center in Hebron; and a nursery and day care center in the town of Otniel.

“There is something that talks to everyone,” said Sackett. “These are not private projects of someone building a home. These are all buildings that will serve the public, each in its own unique way.”

“If you want to help Israel rebuild, than this is a great opportunity to help save lives and see Israel flourish.”

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