BIN EXCLUSIVE: Near Death Experience Rabbi Recounts His Other Harrowing Brush with Prophecy

December 1, 2015

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BIN EXCLUSIVE: Leading international body language expert Susan Constantine weighs in on whether Natan is being truthful about his near death experience.

A viral video, describing the near death experience of a 15-year-old Israeli boy, is making waves around the world. The experience and vision of the youth, identified only as Natan, left viewers, especially those not familiar with various End of Days scenarios, scared and questioning what God has in store for the future.

In an exclusive interview, Rabbi Rami Levy, the person who appeared alongside Natan on the video, told Breaking Israel News that he has known the boy for some time. After his otherworldly experience, Natan turned to Levy to help him understand what had happened. What Natan could not have known was Levy’s own personal experience with Divine intervention.

Speaking with Breaking Israel News, Levy recounted the dramatic event that caused him to turn to God.  

“I was raised in a secular, anti-religious, environment. One night, as a young soldier stationed on the Syrian border, me and my buddies performed a séance to pass the time. Séances are strictly forbidden by Jewish law but I was not religious at the time. The séance connected with the spirit of a soldier from our unit who had been killed in an automobile accident a few months before. We asked him if there will be a war and if so, if anyone from our unit would die in the war. He told us a Hebrew date and gave us a list of 12 names. My name was on the list.”

The soldiers in Levy’s unit were released from the army, but in 1982, they were called back to serve in the Lebanon War. One by one, soldiers from the list of 12 fell, until there were only two left alive from the fateful list: Rami Levy and one other.

“One night, our unit was attacked by the enemy. I was separated from the others and an Arab with a knife jumped me. The Arab stabbed me several times until the knife broke and I managed to flee,” he recounted to Breaking Israel News. “Cowering in the dark, bleeding badly, I began to pray for the first time in my life. And that is how the Israeli patrol found me.”

As a result of this miracle, Levy began a spiritual journey that led to him become an Orthodox rabbi. Thus, when Natan approached him with his incredible vision, Levy was uniquely qualified to hear his amazing story.

Levy explained to Breaking Israel News that, for several days before the near-death experience, Natan felt weak and dizzy, but the hospital was unable to come up with a diagnosis. On the first day of the Sukkot holiday back in October, Natan felt especially ill, and lay down covered in heavy blankets. He began to shudder uncontrollably, unable to call for help. He had a vision, and when he woke up, he felt perfectly healthy. The entire experience took 15 minutes.

When Natan first went to Levy to discuss his near-death experience, the rabbi was skeptical. He questioned the boy closely, demanding details of every aspect of the vision.

“I asked him many questions: how many were on the court, who they were, and how the court was arranged,” he told Breaking Israel News. “The boy answered correctly and said that he heard a barking. I thought this sounded wrong but after investigating, I discovered the Zohar (the foundational text of mystical Judaism) states this is the voice of Duma, a minister of gehenom (Hell) mentioned in Psalms 115:17.”

Natan said that before he was returned, he was shown some of what was about to happen in the world. Levy described his initial skepticism.

“He said the War of Gog and Magog had already begun on the 27th of Elul, and that it would not be a long process. He said that all of the pieces are in place but the situation would explode from one particular incident into a full-blown war,” Levy explained.

“I didn’t take this seriously, since the date had already come and gone without any headlines or sirens. However, when I discussed this later with a friend, he pointed out that the 27th of Elul was September 11, 2015, the day Russia officially entered the war in Syria.”

Natan’s vision has garnered support from unexpected quarters, including rabbis who normally reject such claims.

Popular American Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, founder of Ohr Yitzchak Seminary, is one such rabbi. In a recent lecture, Wallerstein said about the messages in the video, “These are tough times, times of Moshiach (messiah) for sure. Many people say they’ve heard that before, but this is very different. This isn’t just against the Jews. This is against the Temple Mount, against where the Temple was.”

Breaking Israel News asked Rabbi Wallerstein if he thought Natan was telling the truth. “I believe that he definitely saw what he said he saw. We know the other side has the power of illusion, so it might be a trick. But he talks about things that would be impossible to know unless you actually saw it.”

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